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On two separate occasions very recently, Ebay sellers have refused to ship when the bid was won. In both cases 'pre shipment' tracking numbers were given, yet there was never an actual package picked up or in transit.

In the first case, a full 6 days after bid was won and paid for, the seller was contacted. She offered a 'family emergency' reason for failure to ship. Order subsequently canceled. I'm suspect the real reason was that the sold item did not bring the price the seller was looking for so this was her ploy for failure to ship.

The next case an item was ordered and seller claimed it 'must be lost in shipping', when it never left the pre-shipment phase. So, bearing in mind that Ebay has little or no monitoring of these types of circumventing and completing the transaction, I'm dropping using them at all as there is no transaction completion support. In the 2nd case, seller claims an 'out of stock' for 35 days to guarantee the buyer won't reorder. In my case, filing an immediate credit card dispute, is the most appropriate response, but something that shouldn't have to be done if ebay was on the ball.

I have completed 133 successful transactions with 100% feedback score as the buyer, always with prompt payments, but that is history.

Hoping others will profit by reading this and understanding that lacks of concern Ebay has for sellers. Many sellers have complaints lodged against them, if you read the former transaction details, yet maintain 100% feedback scores as sellers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebay Marketplace.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ebay Cons: Zero seller followup or intervention on botched transactions.

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correction to above post ie. Ebay has very little concern for BUYERS as to reasons for incompletion of transactions, allowing sellers to exploit the transaction for any reason without consequence.


sellers, esp. power sellers and experienced ones, have learned the 'tricks of the trade' on how to avoid completion of a transaction where they don't feel satisfys their selling goals.

We, as buyers, are expected and obligated to pay promptly, whereas sellers are giving free unbridled reign to profer a reason for cancelling the transaction. caveat emptor is the new ebay motto for buyers.


use mercari

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