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Update by user Aug 28, 2017

natlchamps2017 aka jillianss02 closed down his account after many complaints from angry customers. But still operating on his other account milcity-collectibles Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth combo signed and team signed college NCAA memorabilia are dead giveaway this user is the same guy perpetrating this forgery scheme.

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth is his top seller and will continue to sell forever til he get caught. Today is your lucky day buddy. Seller is operating out of 3 states - Wisconsin, Texas, California. With his friends help opening different accounts to sell forgeries.

Over 11,000 victims and counting. Do not be fool because you see photos of celebrities signing autographs mean everything he sells is real.

He will mix in a batch of fakes with some of the authentic pieces he photograph signing them. milcity-collectibles is the #1 forger in California at the current moment

Update by user Mar 03, 2017

jillianss02 switch his name to natlchamps2017

Original review posted by user Feb 17, 2017

ebay seller jillianss02 is an autograph forger who sell fake autographs online with the intent to defraud the consumers. eBay item number 222335909120 PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP signed autographed 8X10 PHOTO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a forgery hand-signed by the seller not by President Trump.

The seller include a photo proof of Trump signing autographs but not the picture of the item he is signing. In fact, the photo was lifted off the internet and used without the owner's permission. This forger have other items authenticated by a third-party authentication company which are matter of opinion but anyone can purchase these just to boost their credibility while mixing in forgeries with the real ones. This seller is not to be trusted.

jillianss02 has been blasted on countless websites as a known forger. Don't be an another victim. Report to law enforcement agencies in your areas if you ever purchase something from them. Call the United States Postal Inspection Service and file a report.

Call ebay & paypal for a refund. You have 180 days from the date of the purchase to get your money back.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Want seller banned from selling to stop ripping off people.

  • Jillianss02 Autograph Forgery Scam
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CA graphers in hollywood are all corrupted


i might have buyer remorse after reading this about this seller because i purchased something from him for my son. I asked him if it's possible I can get a refund but it's been weeks and no respond.

Ebay can not do anything. The deadline to file a case have pass.

So I decided the next best decision is to take him to court and try to recoup some of my money back. Lesson here do not buy autograph on ebay.


yeah. he didn't quit until he scammed over 2,000 customers.

What a crook!

He needs to pay for his crimes. Lock him up with Bubba.


this guy is a scam artist. He hand signs a large amount of his inventory versus the few he gets in person.

he throw in some psa and beckett authenticated piece but it's how to say they are even real base on what i seen so far.

he's a CA grapher no doubt about it. a lying cheater.


Looking through his old feedbacks I noticed the seller sold Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth combo and team signed college NCAA memorabilia. Very similar to another ebay seller milcity-collectibles .

They could be of the same.

Anyway, since this seller start feeling the heat from the law catching up to him, he closed his account. Now he's going to operate under a different account.


in my expert opinion, this guy get autograph in person and forge autographs as well


He's a forger!


I will never buy from this seller because if he lies about one thing, he can lie about other things too. Too many good sellers to choose from, so why buy from someone you have doubts on.


i'm sure this seller knows someone who has strong tied to the higher hierarchy of PSA/DNA and now Beckett. This mystery person have the authority to play God to stickered basically anything he want to. He's the new Bob Gryder of PSA/DNA,Beckett.


he forged Trump. if you're not in ny and steal a google photo and use it as your own make it too obvious


People I hate more than anyone else are forgers. There's nothing legit what he's doing.

I know guys from PSA/DNA, JSA, Global, Beckett that just authenticated everything including forgeries for their close friends and families. They didn't had to send it in the mail. Drop by the office, get lunch, come back in an hour and everything authenticated with certificates.

That's why I get autographs through the mail, in-person at games. I don't buy autographs.


this guy is full of *** Lies after lies. He doesn't live in

Irving, Texas.

Hey buddy, take a photo of yourself with your ID next to your face.

Cmon man, if you go these many different places I wanna see some more proof other than your words. I want to see some plane tickets, concert tickets, and photos of you next to the individuals you said signed for you than providing just certs.


His inventory is a mixed-bag. Some reals, some fakes but mostly fakes.

Definitely his Axl Rose are bad. Axl tweeted out he wasn't signing. So I have to agree that PSA/DNA and Beckett Authentication Services got it wrong this time.

Fool me once, fool me twice. When are they going to stop and ask how jillianss02/natlchamps2017 getting so many coming in?


some dumb idiots at PSA/DNA and Beckett authenticated his Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC frontman Axl Rose forgeries as the real deal. if someone did their homework they would know Axl stopping autographs.

Axl Rose has announced on Twitter that he will not be signing autographs for awhile. Rose tweeted, “Can’t take da ebayers so un42nutzly I’s won’tz b signing things 4 awhile.

Much Love 2 the real fans!!” these crooks know Axl worth big $$$$ money. Probably bribe PSA/DNA & Beckett with some cash, drugs, and *** Way to go ruin your reputation, guys!


He change his username to natlchamps2017 to avoid lawsuits and criminal charges (wire fraud, mail fraud, forgery, IRS tax evasion) for selling fakes to his customers.

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