I bought a FDC item 251537538244 then he listed another exactly the same item 261504725831 . I questioned this and he offered to let me off the hook on the condition that I leave him POSITIVE Feedback about it.

George added a comment that I Did Not Buy It . Of course I did not buy it. I was also warned away from another eBayer that this seller had sold me a bogus item and I was darn lucky to get out of the sale by just leaving positive feedback.

This guy has been re listing a lot of items and I notice an odd pattern in his Feedback. NG!

Monetary Loss: $925.

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Never ever leave a positive just because a seller has asked you to. This defeats the whole purpose of the feedback system. Try to be honest with it and if it was a bad experience, make that clear.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #837292

You got lucky !

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