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Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fakes and forgeries are sold every year through online auction site and websites.It is the prefer method for the forgers to peddle their fakes.

Low risk, high rewards! At most they will get a slap on the wrist with a few months in jail or no jail time with just probation and get away with thousands and thousands of dollars from the scam. ACG (Autograph Consulting Group) has been tracking fakes for about three years and uncover an increase in autograph forgeries being advertised for sale on ebay, amazon, craigslist, ioffer, and countless other websites including sears.com. We have partnered with many sports figures and celebrities to identify forgeries.

FBI statistics show that over 75 percent of autographs sold online are fake. Unless you sat there and watched the individual sign the item, then there is no 100% certainty. It does’t matter if it is Global Authentics LLC, JSA, Beckett Authentication Services, PSA/DNA certificate they show you, or a small piece of paper from the seller that says, "This item is real." Many of these fraudsters produce Certificates of Authenticity (COA), which are also fake. Many of the country’s largest sports authenticators have also been caught selling forgeries.

Many of them claim to be experts in the field, but yet have no formal training or experience in detecting forgeries. The bottom line is this. If you didn’t see the person personally sign you photo or ball, assume it is fake until you have proven otherwise. Not all autographs all created equal.

Just because it's on ebay don't assume it's real. Ebay said it is not a traditional auctioneer overseeing what is bought and sold; rather, it is a venue or platform with "no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items", as the company's user agreement states. ACG worked hard to check the reliability of its facts and its sources. And now, without more ado, here we reveal the names of known forgers on ebay, which is the most popular place to list your fakes.

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Fans who do not have the money to spend on autographs can write to their favorite stars and get free autographs at www.fanmail.biz With that being said, ebay can do the right thing and shutdown the autograph category listing on Black Friday and the problem will go away.Happy Thanksgiving!

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1318959
The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival begins April 21 and run through April 30. Go check out the short documentary film 'The Counterfeiter' that explores how the FBI brought down the largest autograph forgeries in U.S. history featuring forger Greg Marino who forged a million autographs. And he will tell you how he did it and why your certs and COAs today provide a false sense of security that your autograph is absolutely guaranteed to be 100 percent fake. Before you make an expensive purchase online, you might wanna reconsider after watching this.
Press Contact
Jennifer Cingari Christie
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 646-547-5840 jennifer.j.cingari@espn.com
jeff s
San Diego, California, United States #1311276
there's a sucker born every minute.
that's only way to explain the
huge number og suckers that
keep the fake ebay autograph
alive for the past 22 years
Anyone who ever purchase something from any sellers mention in this report should demand their money back from the forgers or file criminal charges against them. If they do not comply, this report going to open a flood gate to another FBI investigation and ebay going to start giving out names & addresses. I did. I got my money back and kept their forgeries as evidence in case they pull against scam one another unsuspected victim I'll go directly to the police.
the autographs on ebay is so bad that it is no longer a question of 'let the buyer beware,' but, rather, let the buyer have their head examined.
Ebay is a place with a lot of legitimate sellers and a lot of bad guys. So buyer beware!
I have been sounding the alarm for years. The future of the autograph business is at stake if the scandal-stained industry doesn’t clean up its act. Legislators will impose onerous regulations on ebay or the state attorney general in each of the 50 U.S. states will need to shutdown the ebay autograph market. The FBI’s previous memorabilia investigations, Operation Foul Ball and Operation Bullpen, targeted forgers who flooded the memorabilia market with millions of dollars worth of bogus athlete and celebrity autographs. Just the past year, all members of the Ohio forgery ring pleaded guilty for the
ebay sports autograph fraud that cheated 25,000 people out of more than $2-million. There are more forger rings like this out there. You see where this is going. Consumers are not willing to put up with this any more.
Ebay sellers like that know they are thousands of wannabe autograph collectors and suckers on Ebay.
Ebay loves sellers like that.
Part of the problem for consumers is that expert opinions on what's real are just that: opinions
Also on this list. All of my stuff comes from a front line grapher in CA. A decent amount of the stuff I sell I also get certified with PSA/DNA, JSA and now Beckett. On Wayne Bray list some are forgers but not all. Pretty hateful list with little to no proof.
Tim C
to anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1284438
Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick, former president of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, was caught forging in public many years ago at one of the UACC shows clearly indicates Darvick is not the sharpest pencil in the case.
Darvick is listed as an authenticator for James Spence Authentication (JSA).
John Reznikoff of University Archives, James Spence, Jr. for James Spence Authentication (JSA), Roger Epperson of REAL - Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd., Steve Grad the principal authenticator for PSA/DNA and now authenticator for Beckett Authentication Services once work for disgraced Mastro Auctions founder Bill Mastro. Now serving time in a federal prison after pleading guilty to various types of fraud from 2002-2009 including an ongoing scheme to run up the prices attained at his auctions through shill bids placed on behalf of the company. Mastro also admitted to trimming the edges of the hobby’s most expensive baseball card, a T206 Honus Wagner graded by PSA. These guys knew *** well what they were doing and allow this to happen. Just to show how crooked they all are. They should be all locked up along side with Bill Mastro and drinking tea in the yard in their orange jumpsuits.
Steve Sipe of Global Authentics LLC is by far the worst company of them all. They mass produce forgeries and put stickers on everything. All you're buying is the certs but not the autographs.
It Doesn’t Have To Be Real, It Just Has To Be Authentic.

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