Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fakes and forgeries are sold every year through online auction site and websites. It is the prefer method for the forgers to peddle their fakes.

Low risk, high rewards! At most they will get a slap on the wrist with a few months in jail or no jail time with just probation and get away with thousands and thousands of dollars from the scam. ACG (Autograph Consulting Group) has been tracking fakes for about three years and uncover an increase in autograph forgeries being advertised for sale on ebay, amazon, craigslist, ioffer, and countless other websites including sears.com. We have partnered with many sports figures and celebrities to identify forgeries.

FBI statistics show that over 75 percent of autographs sold online are fake. Unless you sat there and watched the individual sign the item, then there is no 100% certainty. It does’t matter if it is Global Authentics LLC, JSA, Beckett Authentication Services, PSA/DNA certificate they show you, or a small piece of paper from the seller that says, "This item is real." Many of these fraudsters produce Certificates of Authenticity (COA), which are also fake. Many of the country’s largest sports authenticators have also been caught selling forgeries.

Many of them claim to be experts in the field, but yet have no formal training or experience in detecting forgeries. The bottom line is this. If you didn’t see the person personally sign you photo or ball, assume it is fake until you have proven otherwise. Not all autographs all created equal.

Just because it's on ebay don't assume it's real. Ebay said it is not a traditional auctioneer overseeing what is bought and sold; rather, it is a venue or platform with "no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items", as the company's user agreement states. ACG worked hard to check the reliability of its facts and its sources. And now, without more ado, here we reveal the names of known forgers on ebay, which is the most popular place to list your fakes.

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Fans who do not have the money to spend on autographs can write to their favorite stars and get free autographs at www.fanmail.biz With that being said, ebay can do the right thing and shutdown the autograph category listing on Black Friday and the problem will go away. Happy Thanksgiving!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ebay scammer "autographmemoriestsc" is another one. Sells a ton of autographs and has a small stable of incredibly awful fakes.

Do a google search on this *** and you can he's been outed a few places. One of the absolute worst. It's like his fakes he didn't even bother looking at the real autographs.

Also "blakehousecards" is another. Just the absolute worst type of *** These people steal money from gullible people who don't know that their cards are fake.


Eb@y l-8l8 = "869 "= 2.63. 4 T011 Free


I received an e-mail about a product that I did not order.

@Rafaek G



Ebay allow sales of "original" Picasso artworks for 1 dollar or less. I have some screenshots of Picasso's for 99 cents, some other for a few bucks, and others again for thousands bucks.

And that is just the top of the iceberg. Undisturbed by laws, Ebay sell tons of forgeries, just ridiculous, pathetic, disgusting.


I’m not defending the seller, but both Picasso and Salvador Dali, would sell blank bits of canvas/paper, with their signature on them. So anything that was painted on them, would really be signed Picasso or DalI, but they never painted the pictures. Possibly why you see them so cheap?


Selling fake autographs online is easy…until you get caught.


Ebay will not listen to a sellers competitor when fraud complaints are made. It is up to the buyer to open a case and report the seller if the item is fake. That is what the MBG is for.


Scam artists send their fakes everyday to PSA, JSA or Beckett hoping their forgeries will pass so they can make boatload of money. It’s such a big problem for the authentication companies to find a solution to stop it.

Look up what the real autographs look like and compare them against those you may be interested in buying. Don’t just rely on the stickers.


In the world of sports memorabilia, James Spence Authentication (JSA) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA and PSA/DNA) are the most widely recognized authorities, but even reputable authenticators can make mistakes. A 2014 investigation by the Miami New Times found numerous instances of questionable authentications by the companies, in large part because of the hundreds of thousands of requests they process every year.


please add ebay seller bigd84paul to the list of sports celebrity forgers. has made loads of $ with his obviously badly forged (two somewhat professionals in the field were surprised - but not really so surprised at how badly forged and laughable sketchy descriptions) supposed celebrity signings - and completely ruined the excitement of even attempting to start a autograph collecting hobby.

live and learn.

of course ebay has yet to do anything about it - yet. unbelievable how most purchasers can't take a few minutes and do some considerable homework on signatures or checking past feedback ratings on these types and shell out considerable amounts of money for these forged fake signature items.


Well they have lots of scam going also with metaphysical and paranormal items


So many people have collected nothing but PSA/DNA stickers for so long that they have to defend PSA to the end. If not they'd have to admit there are a bunch of forgeries in their collections. They would rather just pretend they are all authentic.


Retired FBI agent Tim Fitzsimmons said it’s become too easy and too tempting for criminals to make a quick buck by deceiving unsuspecting collectors. “Unfortunately, it’s too easy a crime to commit,” he said.

“And there are a lot of naive people out there. A lot of trusting people out there.” Fitzsimmons also said he estimates the number of fraudulent items on the sports memorabilia market to be around 50 percent, while others say it’s much higher.


Do you want to hear the truth? Ebay and auction houses put profits before customers. WINNERS: Ebay, auction houses, third party authentication companies, dealers, and sellers LOSERS: buyers, collectors, and fans


There was a time many years back, when eBay shut down the sale of autographs due to so many forgeries and complaints. After loud and long protests from authentic autograph dealers and autograph buyers, they reopened the category after setting some new rules and standards.


Their new rules and standards don't amount to spit. I ordered a signed Jason Statham autograph from quagmire-Hobby-central which I now believe to be fake..located in NC I live in SC...marked as shipped..no tracking #..Seller ignores my requests for the tracking #..wanna bet it never shows? I'll get a refund in about 2 weeks..my question is this...do Sellers make any money off the payments before the buyer/victim gets refunded??


PSA/DNA, JSA and Beckett didn’t unknowingly let fake autographs through. They give preferential treatment to certain people and autographs knowing they’re forged.


The percentage of fake autographs being sold on eBay — ones that do not already include third-party authentication behind them — is easily 50 percent or more


Just remember this: there are three sides to every story, one person’s opinion, the other person’s opinion and the real answer

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