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Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fakes and forgeries are sold every year through online auction site and websites. It is the prefer method for the forgers to peddle their fakes.

Low risk, high rewards! At most they will get a slap on the wrist with a few months in jail or no jail time with just probation and get away with thousands and thousands of dollars from the scam. ACG (Autograph Consulting Group) has been tracking fakes for about three years and uncover an increase in autograph forgeries being advertised for sale on ebay, amazon, craigslist, ioffer, and countless other websites including sears.com. We have partnered with many sports figures and celebrities to identify forgeries.

FBI statistics show that over 75 percent of autographs sold online are fake. Unless you sat there and watched the individual sign the item, then there is no 100% certainty. It does’t matter if it is Global Authentics LLC, JSA, Beckett Authentication Services, PSA/DNA certificate they show you, or a small piece of paper from the seller that says, "This item is real." Many of these fraudsters produce Certificates of Authenticity (COA), which are also fake. Many of the country’s largest sports authenticators have also been caught selling forgeries.

Many of them claim to be experts in the field, but yet have no formal training or experience in detecting forgeries. The bottom line is this. If you didn’t see the person personally sign you photo or ball, assume it is fake until you have proven otherwise. Not all autographs all created equal.

Just because it's on ebay don't assume it's real. Ebay said it is not a traditional auctioneer overseeing what is bought and sold; rather, it is a venue or platform with "no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items", as the company's user agreement states. ACG worked hard to check the reliability of its facts and its sources. And now, without more ado, here we reveal the names of known forgers on ebay, which is the most popular place to list your fakes.

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Fans who do not have the money to spend on autographs can write to their favorite stars and get free autographs at www.fanmail.biz With that being said, ebay can do the right thing and shutdown the autograph category listing on Black Friday and the problem will go away. Happy Thanksgiving!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Memorabilia items signed by the celebrities or athletes while the fans watch is the only 100% guarantee that what you've got is authentic.


There has to be physical addresses attached to the forgers. I’d love to see them posted so many of them are taught good hard life’s lessons about stealing from people. That would slow it down.


This list of so-called eBay forgers here are similar to those doing online reviews for a certain person or company which can easily be manipulated by anyone. It could be a personal vendetta, business competitor or something else. You just don’t believe everything you read on the Internet unless you have solid proof to back up your claim.


Many untrained Third Party Authenticators have reinvented themselves and they are making a fortune while making the autograph hobby worse off. One of these guys is a great salesman and BS artist.

He lives in the Schenectady Area . Collectors who relied on his opinions will soon get a rude awakening.


This article is obviously written by a seller who is just trying to scare people away from his competition. One of my accounts is listed yet it has 100% positive feedback & I've sold thousands of items.

Not a single one has ever failed a third party inspection & majority are obtained in person by myself. I also see a few other sellers listed here that I buy from frequently & I can tell you they also aren't selling fakes- Outlaw Hobbies for example is one of the most reputable & well known sellers in Canada for crying out loud! Looking at the list though he does seem to have it out for the Canadians doesn't he? Maybe he's not a competing seller.

Maybe's he's a clueless American who thinks we all live in igloos & couldn't possibly have access to any celebrities.Am I saying there's no fakes on ebay? No. There definitely is. Even I've been ripped off a few times.If you've read this article & now you're scared here are some real tips for buying autographs1.

Compare signatures. Google image search the persons autograph & look for ones that have been personalized (signed to someone). These are people showing off their collections that they've obtained themselves so you know they're not results of items for sale or items people bought.Will the signature match 100% every time? No but certain things will stand out.

Look for the unique markings like first sellers. Even under "perfect" conditions people's signatures will get sloppy or they will resort to shorthand signatures (initials). Imagine you're a celebrity at a comic convention. You're sitting at a table signing autographs...but you're about to sign 1000 & most will be personalized and some even with quotes.

Sit & start signing your name repeatedly & see how it looks after an hour.2. Even if you're not seeing unique markings does that mean it's fake? No. Go to youtube and look up videos of people signing autographs.

Tom Hiddleston is a great example. His "perfect" signature is legible & shows both his first & last name. Look how fast he scribbles on his way to a car or at a movie premier. Ask questions- Who is your seller?

Where did they get the autograph? Contact the person/company who issued the COA.3. You can't find any info on the company that issued the COA? Most of these companies are individuals doing this to make extra money on the side and can't afford a website.

Can't contact them by phone or email? Maybe they just don't do it anymore. If you think this proves something is fake I challenge you to find me a Blockbuster Video.4. Are there close up photos of the signature?

If not then ask for clear close ups. If a signature is hand signed you will see where the ink overlaps and you will see faint stroke lines in the ink from the marker felt tips. Metallic markers are more noticeable than plain blue or black but if you look close you will still see.5. Is the photo printed on Fujifilm paper?

This is a tricky area. If the signature is metallic you're probably ok to compare as I said above. If not just walk away unless you're familiar with the seller. Fujifilm is a weird textured paper that doesn't reflect and clearly show the marker ink.6.

Price. Just because an autograph is cheap doesn't mean it's fake. Just because an autograph is expensive doesn't mean it's real. Think about it- If I'm at a concert venue & before or after the concert I'm lucky enough to get some photos signed by the band on their way in out what did this cost me?

I was likely attending the show anyways so not much time spent. less than $1 for ink & paper to print the photo. Why would I ask $500 and be stuck with it for awhile when I could ask $150 and sell it sooner?The price is higher because it's been authenticated by PSA? That means nothing.

That only cost the seller $20 & you should google the special W5 did on autographs where they busted JSA for authenticating fakes. PSA is no more reputable.7. The PSA quick opinion.

For a small fee you can send PSA the link to an ebay listing & get their "quick opinion" which will come back within mere minutes and will always say the signature is "likely not authentic" but (because) they want it to be submitted in person. Again- PSA is meaningless but if you've used this service that's no more than an auto reply don't think it means something because they actually failed something.


all the names on the list are forgers


get out of here with that lame excuse. everybody know outlaw_hobbies sell forgeries and get autographs in person too.

they can't make it a legit seller.

they need to mix in some extra fakes with the ones they get. that's why they aren't a racc member.


How do you know these sellers are selling fakes? I agree that most of them do, but greatstone and outlaw_hobbies are 2 legitimate companies who are selling authentic autographs.

If you do not agree, where's your proof? And no, I'm not one of them.


You can't protect people from their own actions.

Don't purchase anything when there is reason to doubt authenticity.

Yet they continue to do so in all fields : coins, vehicles, autographs, etc.

To blame anyone except the buyer is passing the buck.

To be a dishonest seller is shameful and sinful in addition to illegal and I wouldn't want to have that hanging around my karma.


I agree. Quit griping about it and just don't buy them!

What kind of fool continues to buy after he is sure something is fake? I don't get it...


ebay look the other way and watch their profits skyrocketed to the billions and let their customers get scammed by ebay forgers.


Where is the proof? either way?

You have provided a list of names but no PROOF. This is slander at best.


That's a great warning to all would-be autograph collectors.

Super job compiling that list of bogus sellers.

Unfortunately, I can't really use the services of an autograph dealers who "venture out into the real world" because most of the persons whose autographs intrigue me are deceased.


If all those are fakers how come they still sell ?


Ways to Stop a Forger

Many of the collectors I have communicated with over the years have a simple question: “How do I stop a forger?”

“Do you know who in law enforcement to contact regarding current forgers? I recently identified an eBay seller who has been active for over a decade with thousands upon thousands of sales – and his products are excellent forgeries.

He is fooling even well-informed collectors, and I do not know what to do.”

Honest collectors see fakes being peddled in cyberspace, and they want to stop it. But how? How do you put a forger and his confederates out of business and preferably even behind bars?

Here are 10 tips that can help you in this regard:

1. Contact law enforcement Your local police or sheriff’s department, an FBI field office, the investigative arm of the Postal Service – these are all law enforcement agencies that could potentially investigate a forger and his ring of associates, including counterfeit memorabilia dealers and bogus authenticators.

It may seem an obvious recommendation, but this is where you need to start. 2. Gather your facts To be sure, in this era of declining government budgets and grave public safety threats such as terrorism, it is not going to be easy to interest the cops or the FBI with a fraudulent memorabilia problem. They’ve got a bunch of other things on their plate.

You must be able to show the authorities that you have truly been ripped off. Mere accusations or suspicions won’t cut it. You’ve got to build your case and supply real evidence. 3.

Find allies you can trust Unless you have serious connections with higher-ups in law enforcement, your case in and of itself may not be enough to interest the law, even if you feel you’ve got a slam-dunk against the forgers. But if you know two or three other people who have also been ripped off in this way, and they have the evidence to back up their claims as well, that becomes a little harder for authorities to ignore. The greater the monetary damage, and the more victims there are, increases your chances of getting action. 4.

Try eBay If you think somebody has done you wrong on eBay, the site recommends that you first go down to your local police station and file a report with them. The report will ask you for details of your case – date and time of the offense, what was involved in the transaction, printed e-mails you may have exchanged with the seller, copies of his eBay web pages and other relevant information. If the police agree that what you have here is indeed a crime, they will then contact eBay, which will provide information and assist the authorities in their investigation. 5.

Be persistent Anyone who has ever dealt with eBay or law enforcement knows that the wheels of justice can grind slowly, very slowly. And sometimes, it is true, they can grind not at all. Should the police take your case, they will supply you with a “crime reference number.” Hang on to it because you will need to refer to it when you call the station for updates on the progress of your case, if any progress is being made at all. 6.

Don’t get discouraged As every collector knows, the number of times that forgers and counterfeiters are busted is miniscule compared to the number of forgeries that appear on any given day on eBay. That’s no reason to throw in the towel, though. High-profile busts of fraud merchants still do occur. Despite the constraints of time, money and resources, the feds still investigate the crooks and really do want to put them away.

Support them when they do. 7. Let the athlete or his representatives know what’s going on Muhammad Ali, Yogi Berra and many other retired professional athletes make money from signing autographs and selling memorabilia, and some of them depend on it quite heavily as a source of income. If you know about people who are making or selling forgeries of their autographs, tell the athlete and/or his representatives.

They are going to be very interested in what you have to say and may reach out to the authorities as well. 8. Support the whistle blowers There are many people out there – on YouTube, blogs, periodicals and websites such as this one, legitimate collectors and memorabilia firms, TV and radio, and newspaper reporters such as Michael O’Keeffe of the New York Daily News – who are genuinely disgusted with the forgers and counterfeiters who plague the collecting hobby. And they’re doing something about it by exposing them when they can.

Tune into what they’re doing and perhaps even do a little whistle-blowing yourself. 9. Keep it in perspective The FBI estimates that counterfeiters rip off the American public to the tune of $100 million a year. The fact is though, nobody, including the FBI, knows the real extent of the problem.

It may be more or less than that. But don’t let the rip-offs spoil your enjoyment of the hobby.

Few people in America know more about autograph forgeries than retired FBI agent John Ferreira, who acted as the undercover agent in Operation Bullpen and helped break up the ring. He has been a collector all his life and still loves it.


I have just had items arrive from ebay seller "ultrastylenow" that are clearly not singed by the celebrities as claimed. I messaged to say i would be returning them to which i was told go ahead but they were real.

I said thankyou i would contact ebay in the morning to get things going officially and immediately i got a reply that my money was refunded. Odd behavior for what he still insists are genuine!


You can be sure, the reports are true. In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. I


The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival begins April 21 and run through April 30. Go check out the short documentary film 'The Counterfeiter' that explores how the FBI brought down the largest autograph forgeries in U.S.

history featuring forger Greg Marino who forged a million autographs. And he will tell you how he did it and why your certs and COAs today provide a false sense of security that your autograph is absolutely guaranteed to be 100 percent fake.

Before you make an expensive purchase online, you might wanna reconsider after watching this.

Press Contact

Jennifer Cingari Christie


New York, NY 10023

Phone: 646-547-5840 jennifer.j.cingari@espn.com


there's a sucker born every minute.

that's only way to explain the

huge number og suckers that

keep the fake ebay autograph

alive for the past 22 years


Anyone who ever purchase something from any sellers mention in this report should demand their money back from the forgers or file criminal charges against them. If they do not comply, this report going to open a flood gate to another FBI investigation and ebay going to start giving out names & addresses.

I did. I got my money back and kept their forgeries as evidence in case they pull against scam one another unsuspected victim I'll go directly to the police.

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