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Seller VINTAGENESGAMING on Ebay used a scammy seller tactic on my for a purchase. ey ***, I was flying across the country due to a death in the family, and they canceled my order since i didnt pay within two minutes! Somthey sold me an item, agreed to the sale, then...
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BBBBandB Sellers cannot leave a neg. comment for a buyer. That is against their policy. If they left a neg. comment with a positive rating, you can give eBay a call and they will remo...

I downloaded the new ebay beta last nite. Big mistake. I couldn't use my phones auto-rotate feature to view items. When i did rotate my phone I got a dialogue box for report a bug or send feedback. What the. Who's great idea was that? Any bump or nudge to my phone...
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Ebay shipped an auction to the wrong address, tracked it and considers it delivered. They entered the wrong address in my profile and they are blaming PAYPAL. I am out an auction, I have sold and bought on ebay for several years. Never seen such a blatant mistake. At...
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alq ebay does not ship. That is the responsibilty of the seller. Get real this complaint is ***. :( :( :( :( :( :(

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Ordered an ornament in November, jessie claims to have not received funds, however paypal transaction is completed amd funds withdrawn from my account. I see frm others this os her normal mode of theft. Please do not order from this criminal.
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