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A seller has a MAKE OFFER option, on the item your looking for, so you make an offer and must wait up to 48 hours for the seller to respond with an answer of, ACCEPT, DECLINE, or they make you a COUNTER OFFER.

The seller never responds at all? You try again, maybe the seller missed my offer somehow? You wait ANOTHER 48 for a reply, but NO reply ever comes?

Is the seller on vacation, have they died? What is happening here? Every time my offer expires EBAY sends me an email notice that my offer has expired and maybe I should make a HIGHER OFFER?

I call EBAY to complain stating that if a seller uses a MAKE AN OFFER option, aren't they supposed to respond? The person AGREES they should respond, BUT he cannot do anything, he says I have to file a complaint and go up the chain of command, and MAYBE something can be done? I follow his instructions on how to file a complaint and hear nothing back from EBAY?

I email the CEO Devin Wenig and in a few hours I hear back from EBAY, this back and forth emailing is now going on 3-4 times with NEVER an answer from the CEO himself, I even contacted him using Twitter and again NEVER an answer back from him, always someone else!

One person tells me they MAY? LOOK INTO IT IN THE FUTURE? FUTURE? I have been waiting for an answer from the seller for 4 days already? Another person tells me the seller DOES NOT HAVE TO REPLY? So why the MAKE AN OFFER OPTION? I was also told some sellers get the MAKE AN OFFER option automatically? Why if they don't answer them?

Ebay it seems, could CARE LESS! They make tons of money and they are not about to rock the boat!

So as it stands right now, instead of telling THEIR sellers IF YOU USE THE MAKE AN OFFER option on an item, YOU MUST RESPOND to the buyer making an offer, the answer is the sellers choice, but you must respond,period!

EBAY as of now won't do that, and to *** withe the buyer that feeds all of EBAY! SHAME ON EBAY!

Ebay Cons: Deception practices, Not feeling protected, Horrible customer service.

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Stanley H

I will never shop eBay again.


Valueless complaint, compared to others. Look for another seller.

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