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I bought APPLE IPHONE 7 on ebay on 9/23/2018 for $389.78. The product description said it's brand new. I have no service problem since 12/08/2018. It's an known issue for IPHONE 7. I sent it to an APPLE repair shop, they confirmed it, and later they informed me it's a sold as it phone, not a brand new phone. Apple's warranty does not cover it. The seller would not refund it. Then I contact ebay for their customer protection. eBay's paypal service is supposed to protect me for 6 month. So I contact eBay and Paypal, they could not find my transcation. I did pay the full amount on eBay site, at that time ebay website had a glitch, so the ebay seller sent me an email said he manually processed my payment, it was successful, then shipped the product to me.

Seller would not return or refund for me. Ebay or Paypal would not protect me at all. They kicked back and forth, said they could not find the transcation ID, even it clearly shows on my purchase history.

They would not even let me write review, since this purchase passed 60 days.

I would like other consumer know ebay is a market place for fraud seller, they will not protect you. Their website was also very unsecure, they could not even find a transcation ID which clearly shows in my purchase history.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 7 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $389.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ebay Pros: Sharing on pissed consumer.

Ebay Cons: Lying and cheating.

  • Poor Service
  • Ryans Games
  • Unsafe Payment
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eBay sellers do not have to warranty a product for longer than the 30 days covered under eBay's money-back guarantee. Apple in particular does not like eBay purchases and will often not honor a warranty for items purchased there.

It's usually best to purchase directly from a store if you want a warranty.

Looking at the screenshot, it does not appear that the purchase in question was paid for. Maybe the buyer purchased this somewhere else and confused where they purchased from?


Yours feedback on ebay was: Helped solved transaction and cancellation issue. He was great.

So ?? Ebay is not a seller, just a means of interaction between buyer and seller. It is really risk to buy expensive article on ebay and guarantee of goods is special problem . Somewhere I heard that almost all cell sold in US are blocked.

It was surprises for me. Maybe phone that was blocked and by someone unauthorized unblocked can lost right of guarantee. I am not sure US sellers use correctly "not blocked" vs. "unblocked" In my country blocked phones were sent 15 years ago and only these with significant discount from service provider (of course linked with some committed period to use their service).

But there was a lot of illegal services to unblock.

So, phone sell now are not unblocked because they newer were blocked. Due to very dominant portion of blocked phone in US, maybe for not blocked phone some sellers use unblocked, although maybe they never were blocked.

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