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Ebay linweipqq Chinese Seller Scam *** Untrustworthy Negative Feedback

This Chinese seller really got some nerves.

To start with, the item wasn’t as described and I have requested to send it back .

We have mutually agreed that once they received the item, they will refund the cost of the item including the return postage cost. Things change when the item reach in China.

I ‘ve return the item with Royal Mail track and signed and keep the seller update with tracking number and proof of postage

This seller never bother (Or don’t want ) to check the item and the post tried to deliver the item for 5 days or more but no answer. ( The post leave the card for pick up ofc)

I’ve contacted the seller for this, and only replied after repeated chasing.

1 minute after replying ‘hi , sorry ,we not Have received it , we will go to post Office ask them ,many thanks ‘,The seller has opened case and ask Ebay to help in , and 15 min after that the case was CLOSED AND RESOLVED and I will not be refunded!

To my surprise, what’s kind of lies the seller telling ebay and what kind of gullible customer service who handled this matter without checking fact and evidence with both seller and buyer. (in this case seller only)

Its been almost 2 months dealing with this, my case was closed in 30 min!

I have go all to way to make this right with a lot and patience and time wasted as they did not reply and need to be chased. I don’t even gave them a neutral and negative feedback as I think its only fair for both parties until this is resolved.

It was very frustrating, confusing and disturbing and of course I have appealed for this matter to look at again.

Fortunately, someone is a bit smarter from Ebay customer service look at it, and eventually I was refunded for item and now waiting for Paypal to refund the return postage cost.

I wish I could send negative feedback to warn potential buyer, but I am bit too late for that .

Tho , I am gratitude I can write it here and hope people would google up their name and learn from my experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ebay Cons: Negative, Untrustworthy, Liar.

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