I informed Ebay that I noticed that my package was being delivered to my former address. I supplied them with my current address and asked that it be delivered here.

All Ebay had to do was contact the carrier and give them the address charge. Instead, they sent an email telling me it was delivered to my old address and that the case was closed. What type of company does that? Where is the customer service and concern that the customer is happy and will return again to utilize your services?

And you cant talk directly to anyone. Its all through chat and email. I believe they are a fraudulent company and I want my money back. I did not receive my product and I want my money returned to me.

If I dont receive it, Im contacting the attorney generals office about it.

I want my $51.79 returned to me, as soon as possible. Thank you for your time,


Peyton Harrison

Location: Troy, New York

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