Florissant, Missouri
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The product I purchased stop working during the warranty period, after contacting the seller, eBay, and Square Trade, Still no satisfaction, no resolve. The seller never got back with me, even after eBay contacted the seller in September, I was told by Square trade the product was still under warranty through the seller, not Square Trade.

It's been so long, the warranty should be valid now under Square Trade. Can someone please contact me for resolve. Very disappointed.

No one has tried to fix this.t seem that once you have our money we get the runaround, Square Trade should have contacted the seller after eBay tried, eBay stated they were not responsible after thirty days and provided no way to review Square Trade so I'm doing here. I hope it reaches you SQUARE TRADE Never again

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebay Marketplace.

Reason of review: Because this was only $25 and I will never use Square Trade or purchase from e-bay.

Ebay Cons: Repeating questions like this during survey, No assistance or follow through from ebay after 30 days, Seller can simply skip out on customer, Fraud and scammed the seller by buyer protection program, Square trade does not follow up if seller skips out.

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