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We bought a Meissen porcelain figurine on eBay on a buy-it-now option. The figurine was listed as excellent condition and we also asked the seller before the purchase whether it was REALLY excellent condition.

He replied with a resounding YES. When we got the figurine it had a restoration to the base and a piece was missing. We bought the item via paypal so believed to have buyer protection. We launched a claim, but to our disbelief eBay decided in favor of the seller.

We thought, maybe because of the Christmas stress they had made a rash decision, so appealed. To our total shock and horror and despite giving in-detail proof - they turned down the appeal and decided against us. This morning I called them. They were not willing to help me one bit.

Decided is decided they said. They would not give me any reason why they decided against me. Because of this we've lost USD 3,150.

Conclusion: I would strongly advise against buying high-end luxury and expensive items on eBay, even if you pay with paypal and think you are protected.

YOU ARE NOT! Because if something goes wrong, eBay still looks after their own interest first – and this is making money. They are not too much concerned whether you are buying from or selling to crooks.

What they are concerned about is the money they make in between. It is in a nutshell a corrupt company that does not care about its customers.

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I agree with this consumer! stay away from ebay!

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