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Had a problem with an Ebay transaction. Had to return item to the seller because it was broken.

Seller refused to pay for return shipping, so I paid for the return shipping costs. Was told by Ebay customer service that I would receive a $22.00 coupon on my Ebay account to make up for me paying for the return shipping. Three days later, still no coupon. Called Ebay customer service again.

One agent said that she would email the rep that said I would get a coupon. Still nothing. Next day, called again and the Ebay customer service agent said give it another 24 hours. Still nothing.

Called again, this time an agent transferred me to another department and I was told now that I won't get a coupon because my Paypal account had been refunded.

I said what does that have to do with getting a goodwill coupon from Ebay for me paying the return shipping. Ebay customer service said sorry sir, the case is closed.

User's recommendation: Don't trust Ebay customer service, ask for everything in writing.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Yea they done me the same way.... ebay is getting real ***

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