Suspended from ebay no reason no warning no help in resolving it. Ebay needs to go out of business they are rip off artsit.I paid 70 dollars for auctions running they suspended me and stopped the auctions still I am not sure why or how to fix it. I just wanted my accoutn closed and they will nmot close my account! Is this aloud I want my info off their site.

I do ave some news heer is aphone number for EBAY 1-800-717-3229

acll all you want oph BTW this phone number is only for special customers I got it by accident fomr an online help. balls right!

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I was doing some good eBay business too once upon a time, but I decided that they just aren't worth the hassle anymore. Glad to see other auction sites showing up.

Towanda, Kansas, United States #14285

This is also what I had happen to me at this site.I left a neutral review for a rip-off seller who evidently tries to pass off either fake merchandise or factory seconds as "mint".

Because of honest feedback that was not a**-kissing positive the seller blocked me, and eBay being the chicken***ts they are now removes any item I bid on from listings. eBay will not respond to any questions, they never have and probably never will.

The idea they are hurting me is ***!There are enough sellers of merchandise in enough towns in the USA that the only people being hurt by their head-up-their-a** way of treating customers is themselves and the sellers who lose busiiness by being childish idiots.

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