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I have been selling on Ebay for about a year and though I don't have a huge business I had at least 60 sales and had all positive feedbacks except for one that was fixed and changed later on. I only sell handmade jewelry that is inspired by movies and tv shows, that's it. My pieces cost no more than 20$ usually. Two days ago I got a message in my Ebay account saying my account had been restricted and closed. Here is what they said exactly:

"To help keep our website a safer place for buyers and sellers, your account will be restricted from selling indefinitely. Our decision is based on evidence from our records. We're not comfortable with your selling practices or business model, and we feel they don't help to promote a positive buying and selling environment. Even though you can't sell on our website, you can still use your account to buy or bid on items.Please remember that you can't use other accounts or register new accounts to sell on eBay. If you do, your accounts could be limited, restricted, or suspended."

I was so confused by this since I don't sell anything high risk or inappropriate and I have had my paypal for over 6 years and always sent items on time and sent tracking numbers right after sending. So I decided to call the customer service. First off, I had to wait forever to finally reach someone but when I did I asked the lady why my account had been closed. She replied as if she was reading a script saying "first off mam, just know you have done nothing wrong and it has nothing to do with you, this is just done from time to time to keep ebay safe?" What in the world does that mean? If I didn't do anything wrong, then why is it closed, she then put me on hold to review my account. I was still hopeful at this point that this may be fixed somehow. After about ten minutes, she returned to let me know that unfortunately there was nothing she could do and it was Ebay's final decision and if they found out that after this I was to make a new account they have "ways" of finding out and it will be deleted immediately. That's bull because I have had a few accounts, one just for buying, and one for selling and never had a problem.

My main issue is she repeated to me over and over after I repeatedly asked her why it was restricted that the information as to why was something she was not allowed to disclose to me. So basically I will never know what happened or what I did wrong, only Ebay is allowed to know. I asked her if it was some kind of secret CIA intelligence because if it is my account and I can prove I am the owner why in the world am I not allowed to know why it was closed. I exclaimed to her that this was going to affect my business because now I would have to make new business cards, change my information on my email mailings, and on my various sites that promote this ebay page. I love how Ebay can make money off things we sell yet they refuse to tell a person that they made money off of why they can't sell anymore.

I finally asked if there was someone higher I could speak to about this since it seems so ridiculous, and she put me on hold once again. After approx. 10 minutes she said her supervisor was busy with other customers but would call me in 2 hours. 2 hours later and guess what no call! I can't believe Ebay hasn't already been sued for these kinds of poor practices. I understand closing an account but at least tell the person why so they know and don't wonder everyday what they did wrong.

If I ever hear back from them I will update this complaint, but at this point I am never going near Ebay again, including buying from them. I don't want to give a company any money when they couldn't even be honest with me as a 99% positive ratings seller. The lady even said I could try selling on other websites, which I already do. I am just so upset right now, because she told me it had nothing to do with me, but the reason couldn't be disclosed, which makes me think I had to have done something wrong! Very upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Omg. That is absolutely ridiculous!

I would be so pissed too! Ooh. This makes me so mad.

I hope you can somehow get the better end of this ordeal. ***.


And as for feb 17 anonymous reply, ok, so if it was a copyright infringement the customer service should have told her so. The explanation would have been more productive and less stressful I'm sure coming from a professional at ebay than being called a thief from a rude ******* like you.

The bottom line is that she has a right to know why she was blocked, and maybe had a chance to rectify her designs to comply. You assume she knew she was trying to get away with illegal gains, but maybe she was just ignorant and now wiser -unfortunately, because of your explaination.

The explanation should have come from ebay. But seriously, you didnt have to be so rude.


Maybe the agents aren't supposed to tell that reason beacause then it starts a war about the law. The customer would demand proof of the law, etc. It would be a major headache for them.


I see "Twilight" and "BCBG" in just two of the photos - do you own the rights to use those names???? You don't see what is wrong ????

You are lucky the copyright owners of those names did not sue you. Big companies have gone after very tiny sellers just to make a point. You would have lost, maybe the rep you spoke with wasn't trained in a nice way to call you a thief.

I used to have a position like that and it is awkward in working with scammers and thieves and not being able to call them out. It sounds like you really were clueless and hopefully after all this time figured it out.


Copyright infringement. You can't link your products to any person, entity or copyrighted or registered product.


You know what, it's discrimination what they've done. We should all file a class action law suit.

There are sellers on there with a 96% or less for a total score. Why the *** are they still selling? I'm serious, we should all get together and see if anything can be done. It's ridiculous to remove people like that for no reason and then not even discuss things with them to boot.

They closed my acct down over a year ago and this still makes my blood boil. F u ebay!!! I hope more people see this and don't do business on there.

I've discouraged many people from selling on ebay, will continue to do so. I suggest amazon and etsy to them instead and am always sure to tell them ebay is a load of *** and can care less about the people like us who made them what they are.


I had the same exact thing happen. I had done NOTHING wrong, had 100% feedback and went above and beyond to help customers, even after the sale was completed.

They are very shady and should be sued! I was basing my money off of their site. How are sellers on there with a 97% for a total score, yet, we have high scores and are removed?! Not to disappoint you, I'm sure you know by now that they will never help you.

Once the decision is made to close your account permanently, they'll never change their mind.

I, too, got the run around and no answers. It's really disgusting and I hate their site.

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