Fort Wayne, Indiana
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12-28-18 …Was high bidder on a car. The dealer sent me the normal "congrats" message and asked me to call him the next day, which I did.

There was a $299 Non-negotiable "Dealer Fee" added to the bid- which I expected. Since I have bought other cars on Ebay which also included this type of fee, I made the assumption (yeah, I know) this fee provided the same things all the others did. Mainly pick up at the airport (dlr is 30 miles from airport) and a Temp tag to drive the vehicle home. When I called the dealer, and we got to the point of pick-up and Temp tag, I was told "Did my add say I provided those things ?" to which I said "no, but neither do most of the ads and the other dealers I have dealt with do.

So I asked "what is the fee for ?" He replied " for UPS the paperwork to you" . I said "that's about $20.00 what is the other $279 for ?" He replied.."profit" During this discussion, he was very rude and kept interrupting me. Finally after asking him to stop interrupting me at least 4 times, so I could finish a thought, I told him I was hanging up and we would only deal by Ebay email. The next day, I sent him and email asking for a copy of the "Carfax report...his ad claimed "clean Carfax", so he would supposedly have it and told him I would need a bill of sale and the title in order to drive the car back from his lot in Philadelphia to my home in Michigan.

Received no answer. Next day (now 2 days from winning & 2 days after phone conversation & 1 day after my email to dlr) I went on to "My Ebay" expecting to see a reply. None there, but now the vehicle was relisted and to add insult to injury a non-payment action had been filed with Ebay.( even though I had 3 days to make payment “or arrangements” & 7 days to pick up) I called Ebay and was told...."A dealer does not have to sell you a vehicle is he doesn't want to, even a no reserve vehicle". So I made the Ebay employee repeat that statement and then asked "why does anyone even waste their time bidding if the dealer can refuse to sell, even after you are notified by him you have won the vehicle, please arrange payment".

I have been on Ebay since 2001 and have experienced other such illogical actions by ebay.

I am not bidding on another item on ebay and would gladly contribute to a class action suit against ebay. They must be held accountable

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stella s

ebay is a nightmare to sell on, will never sell or purchase on them again


Good riddance to you.

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