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TO ALL eBayers / EBANNERS, beware of seller "minairia1", she seems to be very sweet and caring, she is not, she is FAKE, and she has no ethics. I will admit the seller did gave back my money. AFTER I challenged her and asked why if I bought an item for a woman, this had signs of being previosly used but by a man.

Apparently this is how it works, she is nice because everything points out that she is an "agent" for unethical people without the sell skills that she posses (I can tell, she has been HIGHLY trained as a Marketer), but I am as well, I have a prof. degree and realized something was wrong, using some common sense I started tracking down the article I bought from "her", what a surprise when I found the item,... being previously worn by a russian male named "Derek Charleston" in youtube!! Unbelievable.!!! Doesnt stop there, of course they removed the videos. She would appear so sweet that you may have a hard time believing this, well, check this out: am feeling sick!

After we conclude the arrangement, she said she talked with a "Russian" friend (what a coincidence!) and basically she accused me of "witchcraft" (because I uncovered her???) No ***-head, it is called being intelligent!! (she seems not to be AS clever as I thought) and she called me a perverted witchcraft of "yoraba" (African?) talking about being a Japanese racist, and did me a threat of putting double curse on me, what a "you know what" !!! Yes, all this is true story.

About the seller: She is from Bay area, she seems to be the merchandiser of queers and deviated people in Bay Area, California (San Francisco), in order to be a selling channel targeted to the straight male market, she thought the s*ht does not float, so she presents herself as a cute respectful, literate woman from Japan, with a hard time speaking English (yes she is the owner), but what she has in the back curtain reeks of dishonesty, lies and perversions.

Her last name MAY not be Takamura, can't assure this, but I have an impression she is half Indian, so the pics. in her site are fake as well, as she puts slim, cute, white, Japanese girls, the reality: its not her bcs. she may be darker, not "that" cute, half Indian, and the cute Japan girl is also a deviated bonehead presumably of name Derek from former Soviet Union.

Other info: Dont let her threat you, her curses will bounce back to her, I shall not be silent, dont hesitate to question her, her introduction may present some of this names: Hanako / minairia1 / Takamura / Kakuta / Appliya - area of residence BAY AREA. California. City Sendai or Yokohama, she advertises in "biomedical forums, technology forums,, ebay and ebanned mainly.

Her Japanese "honor" is as real as a 2 dollar bill.

PLEASE HELP!! LET'S STOP UN-ETHIC PRACTICES of lies to steal money and make online a safe place to buy! giving back the money after being caught is NOT a compensation for intentionally trying to fool hard working people.

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You lost me at, TO ALL

BTW, would LOVE to know what your "prof. degree" is in...

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #580329

hey tranceraver , there really is 2 dollar bill .


I have been an ebay seller for over 15 years~There is no such seller on ebay(Minairia1)~Here let's remind you to go back to basics in life "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" also I would like to point out a few important basic for buying on ebay~Do research on the product & seller first before you ever attempt to bid or make a purchase, ask the sellers questions about the item or their product 1st, ask important questions such as return/refund and guarantee policies~Get those in writing and you have something to use against them~Another huge rule of thumb, is it is safer to NOT buy from any International seller. One more thing, your complaint makes no sense what-so-ever and I have a word for you=DUH :x


You don't know how to use Ebay's seller information - tiime to read their advice FAQsYWzt


@Christie: Retarded!dont you read it is an accurate and detailed description so that people are able to identify the seller and don't get scammed?

I don't see any racism at all.

Ignorant people!! should be wiped from earth.

Talking about racism, that is why China is eating the rest of the countries alive.Try to use your brain, you may give it a try for first time.


what a strange story.....

wondering what you bought?


wth does her ethnicity have to do with it? yoive guessed wrong several times about her being every race under the sun, never once making a valid point as to what difference it makes,sounds to me you are the racist:(


lol aha thats wierd what the heck did u buy

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