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I bought an item on E-bay and as usual I paid for the item immediately. The next day I went into e-bay to check on the progress on the purchase of the item. E-bay had removed all details of the seller off the system. I presume because of some irregularity on the part of the seller.

The item did not arrive and the money did go off my bank account so I asked e-bay for the sellers e-mail address in order to contact the seller. They always ask "have you contacted the seller" before asking e-bay to intervene. They refused to provide me with the requested info. I then opened a dispute with e-bay against the seller. All pretty standard stuff.

E-bay then wanted to know whether I had contacted the seller. Obviously I could not do so with no contact details available to me. They then closed the dispute giving the reason "you did not respond in time" This after I had written them numerous e-mails explaining all the facts about the case and that I could not contact the seller because of there not allowing me to. All this info is on e-bay so there can be no doubt that I am stating only facts.

I then challenged the closing of the dispute +/- 2 months ago. All I get is automated responses saying that they "will get back to me in 24 - 72 hours". 2 months later I am still waiting for any response. Out of desperation I even tried They referred me back to same laborious process that I had already tried with nothing but promises to get back to me as a result.

On the rare occasions when I have had to claim back money from E-bay/PayPall things went very smoothly and without a hitch. This item cost a bit more that most of my previous purchases and so that may be the reason for their reluctance to honor their money back guarantee. What has really cheesed me off is the fact that one cant speak to or e-mail a person. It is all a high-tech mix of self help topics and automated responses.

And no their offer of on-line communication with an e-bay staff member does not work. There is always a technical problem. If anyone has any advise I would like to hear it. If not then I need to vent my frustration about a site that is on an enormous campaign trying to persuade people that they have an E-BAY BUYER PROTECTION when buying on e-bay. I need protection and have not got it. I will be back to give you an update if the matter is not resolved soon. Mark

Item # 250670231985

Case # 5003423740

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