Most of the "new" golf equipment sold on ebay is fake. They get their stuff from websites like www.dhgate.com and www.tradetang.com. These sites will even print the serial numbers you want on the clubs so if you call Callaway, they match! Also don't by form www.mysurbuy.com either. Same deal - all fake.

I cannot understand why ebay is permitted to allow this. They are complicit in the act of ripping you off.

They also sell tuns of fake golfballs that people are buying every minute on ebay.

DON'T but golf equipment on ebay unless you want cheap, fake golf equipment!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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EVERYTHING ON EBAY IS FAKE if it retails for $200 and ebays list price 100 how you think its possible? FAKE FAKE FAKE

eBay is just an AFTERMARKET market place where you can get a FAKE for LESS


Perhaps a class action suit needs to be sent to Ebay to discourage counterfeit items

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