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First of all, Selling on What You might hear most of all about selling on ebay is... The Sellers all complain that they are not protected. They are upset that ebay has put up their "Buyer's Protection". and that anything a seller says is just dismissed etc. what ever the situation might be.


I've come to realize that Ebay does not care if Sellers Rudely insult buyers.

The REASON they made the "Buyer's Protection" *** is b/c before it came out, Sellers had so many rights of rudely insulting buyers if buyers left their honest experience as a feedback for sellers.

Sellers did that SO much. that Buyers were not returning. Therefore, Ebay sellers make no money? then Ebay makes no Money.

So NOW that the "Buyers Protection" is up, all the seller can leave for feedback to the buyer is " Positive " feedback.

I'd say, that's about the only difference it actually made. that *** " Buyer's Protection" ***.

BUT the seller still has access to "REPLY" to a buyer's feedback to INSULT. and Write HORRIBLE and even False Accusations about the buyer.

for example. I've had a situation were, I ordered a "angel wing" prop for a photoshoot. It arrived poorly packaged. I mean SERIOUSLY. it was just like a piece of flat cardboard with the wings FLAT in couldn't even say it was a box.

The feathers immediately fell off on touch. I had to go buy Super Glue, AND a hot glue gun to fix the feathers and flue the strap back on. AT THIS POINT. I could've just made the *** "angel wings" myself.

I had ALLLL the messages of our conversation with this seller. NEVER asked for a full return, NEVER asked to get the item free.

I jsut asked for a refund of half the item (since I technically spent so much money repairing it and buying tools I wouldn't use again, I figured that'd be fair)

She replied she'd only do 5.00 max. and that's take it or leave it. She also replied in this message about a lecture of how she doesn't make money selling on ebay and all the fees ebay gives her and postage fee etc.

I replied I'd accept her offer. AND That i've sold on ebay before so I'm FULLY aware of all the fees. Then I asked a question about a repair question for the wing.

ok, So she refunded $5.00 and just simply never replied.

I waited a long time for a reply. I felt like she didnt' care for so I left negative feedback.

GEUSS WHAT?! SHE REPLIED TO MY negative feedback that I wanted this item free and a full refund. She said for everyone to avoid me or lost everything.


So. the point is. I called ebay to remove that, asked them to read through all my messages. Which they did. And they can clearly see that I did not request such a thing.

They simply said they wouldn't b/c it doesn't VIOLATE their policy. ( so WHAT?! a False accusation is fine?! and a PUBLIC accusation at that! )

I even spoke with a supervisor. who said no.


If you don't want to risk emotional stress and just waste time. with a purcahse that no one will help you with.

follow my advise and DO NOT shop on


They are not professional. They Consist of a majority of UN-PROFESSIONAL sellers.

and ebay DOES NOT protect you.

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You would care more, if this happened to you personally.

My point is, ebay has proof for this situation, they checked all messages between this seller and I. And still doesn't remove this false accusation.

Something they should start putting into their system.

I've sold items on ebay. And I would never falsely accuse someone in public like that.


I hope you know that follow up to a reply. The feedback affects the seller and when a seller replys to feedback it's important for them to remain professional because it over all effects them.

Even if a buyer left a seller a negative saying that they are "frauds", "crooks", or "fakes" things like that still can't be removed. You can go to the customer support help pages and look up how feedback works and that will explain more on how the system works.

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