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I bought an item from this seller "LOTAGOODGOODS" and unfortunately I never got my package. When I contacted the seller he admitted of messing up my order and will ship the product ASAP...Once again, I emailed the seller and after almost 2 weeks of emails back and forth, he agreed to send me the product for free and gave me a refund as I gave them a negative feedback..I got another email from the seller and he saif upper management is reviewing my request of getting the FREE (cuz they messed up) and since I gave them a NEGATIVE feedback they cannot ship me the package.

The only way they are going to ship me the package is if I REVERSE my negative feedback...what???

So please DO NOT ORDER from this seller!!!! BEWARE..LOTAGOODGOODS...........and it's almost a month and I dont have my package yet...

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I am a Manager from Lotagoodgoods. Please check our Feedback.

It is excellent. We had a problem with A U.S. Customs Delay with the product the Buyer is complaining about. We tried to explain to all customers and immediately refunded anyone who could not wait.

This person complaining was so irate, we immediately refunded her and were even going to send her the order for free. But no, she wanted two orders for free. Seriously. Worth $30.00+.

Three days later she gives us a negative before we sent the 'late' arriving product. Thank God we didn't send the product of yet. She could not wait and wanted her product right now! We refunded her money, we had no obligation to send her anything.

We were trying to accommodate her to avoid the negative feedback. What would you do?

Thank you 'Pissed Consumer' for your wonderful forum and for allowing the public to catch real crooks and reveal irate customers who need to be avoided at all cost. God Bless you all!

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