Hello, cyclones70s looks for weakness in the description of the item she is bidding on. She then purchases the item, emails you to say that she is pleased, but doesn't leave you feedback right away.

After you are under the impression the sale went great, she will complain in a personal email to you. If you don't respond within an hour she threatens to leave you negative feedback unless you give her a refund for half the purchase price. She is a scammer and the biggest complainer. Nothing better to do than put forth vile.

Karma. Anyway, I gave her my personal email and really tried to resolve, even after she gave my email address to several of her "friends" who also left me threatening emails demanding half a refund. The funny part? Her complaint was over the cardboard matte, surrounding the picture.

The cardboard was only included in the package for protection when I shipped it out.

Amazing! This woman needs to be banned from ebay for life!

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