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I have had an account with ebay for close to 4 years. I seemed to notice my account constantly less then the day before.

I know there are listing fees and such but I cant figure out where my money was going. Trying to get an answer is almost impossible. And when you speak to someone they are usually from Thailand and it is very hard to understand them. I have been trying to get a hold of some type of contract to see how the payments are divided up.

I found out if you use capital letters you pay 2.00$ extra, if someone buys a product from you and then changes their mind you have to beg to get your seller fees back.

I can't really explain everything but watch your money because money disappears and where it goes I have no idea. Someone may say don't use ebay but, I do sell things and and make money I'm just saying check to see or probably it's just me.

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"I found out if you"

You found out? Seriously get out of here with that nonsense.

It's clear as day what you will be charged for and how much.

It is just you.

Most experienced sellers know their costs up front and figure it into their pricing. They don't just go through pushing buttons hoping for the best.

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