I bought a small ceramic Christmas tree and I paid extra for shipping and proper wrapping. In total I paid $75.00.

When the item arrived in our local post office, I opened it there because I was so thrilled and wanted to show my friend. Instead there were smashed bits and pieces in the box. The seller had put it in a big box, stuffed a few newspapers around it and then sent it cross country. It was smashed to bits.

Initially the seller said she had paid for insurnace (actually I had paid for it as part of the delivery). But so far, the seller has ignored me.

I won't be using E-bay again.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #8504

second chance offers comes to you in my e-bay not in your e-mail, if you were *** enought to send a money order instead of using paypal you desirve to be rip-off

Svendborg, Fyn, Denmark #6832

If you buy on Ebay, my advice is to make sure the seller uses Paypal and use it to pay for the item. They guarantee the item and I have received a refund twice from them quickly and without any problems.

The one time I didn't use Paypal from a seller who didn't take it, I got screwed. I lost the bid,they sent me a second chance offer which was apparantly from Ebay, and I sent a money order in for payment.

Nonetheless, I never got the item, and Ebay did not refund my money and claimed the second chance offer I got was not from them.Well,it sure looked like it in the email they sent me.I then found out the seller was then no longer a registered user/seller. :?

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