I think obama is the secret CEO of Ebay.

1.)obama & ebay both like to punish the hard working little guy!

2.) They both impose staggering fees (ie: Taxes)

3.) They are both putting people out of butiness by implementing anti-capitalist, rediculous regulations!

4.) obama & the Congress (like ebay) all got increases this year, Dems took 5 star vacations using money earned by the hard working little guy.

5.) Both are Power - Mongers!

... but wait, obama (and congress) want us to believe that all business is evil .... this distracts us from the Government Corruption and Big Government Spending.

obama - ebay conspiracy?

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Obvious troll is obvious.


You again? Learn to spell and don't forget your tin foil hat...

You, sir, are "rediculous"...



This is the dumbest fcking thing on this entire site!

You win some kind of "I'm a huge raging weenus" prize!

Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia #121730

No businesses pay taxes. The cost of the taxes is passed on to the consumer, so the consumers pay the companies taxes.

That is why raising corporate taxes is a terrible idea. They just raise their fees or prices on you and me to cover for the new taxes.


E-bay told me just 3 weeks ago. That the E-bay co.

does not pay any taxes. This really interested me. because why in the *** should any seller or buyer pay taxes???? Oh yeah they expect you to pay taxes But not the E-bay co.

Just how can the I.R.S. OVER LOOK THIS FOR MANY YEARS?? That just tells me It an E-Bay inside job. Which we all know their is no co.

On US SOIL who can run a co. With-Out paying taxes.

And if their is a place in the USA. PLEASE TELL ME AS I WILL GO THEIR!!!!

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