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Update by user May 16, 2015

Attached to this post are actual copies of documents sent from Sellers with "Negative Feedback" with the symbol for "Positive Feedback" green circle with a plus (+) sign.

Apparently from what I understand in these "Negative Feedbacks" from these sellers is that this is required by EBAY to do business with known "Scammers"!

You have to read it to believe it!

Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2014

It seems that every single month that I get my invoice from EBAY it is wrong. Not only that but when they credit me back for "Partial Refunds on Shipping" they put it back on the next invoice as owed. So they give me credit then take it back. I don't know how long the state & federal agencies are going to wait until "Action" is taken on these "Crooks"! They need to get going forever be lost in "The Black Hole" out in space away from their office on the seventh planet in our solar system from the Sun.

When you call & talk to someone about it they send you a form letter with details on shipping & fees charged & why. I don't know what these people get paid to work for EBAY, PAY PAL, PAYPAL SMART CONNNECT or maybe they get a piece of the "Illegal Monies" they steal from you, who knows what!

So here we go again sending in the same information to the various state & federal agencies. It clearly shows the credit then they "SNEAK" it back on the next invoice.

If these "BRAIN DEAD" or "BRAIN WASHED" people had to type up an answer without the form letter, they would "Overheat" & go into "Lockdown Mode" & would have to wait till they get instructions from the "Big Leader" before acting on anything. I think they are always in "Lockdown Mode" The "Big Leader" Pay Pal & the "Big Four" who's offices are located in our "Solar System" on the seventh planet from the Sun. Same "***" all the time. It is lie they have "Blinders" on.

I would truly be "Embarrassed" if I worked for any of these "Crooks" & the way they all do business. I think they continue to do this hoping that the person complaining will just go away & forget about it, news to "EBAY" it is not working! Not everybody falls into this category especially people like me. You EBAY will be starring in the next "Clip" I make on You Tube just as I did for the now "Big Four" who used to be the "Big Three".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Start paying attention to what you are doing! Be Honest not Crooked & stop stonewalling hoping the problem will go away FIX IT!.

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I feel for you but....Ummm PayPal is neither a bank nor a credit company so they have an amazing amount of leeway in the poopoo they can pull off. No personal proof of this nor am i trying to slander or anything that might get me sued.

But personally if i was getting real money that would make me more real money while imaginary money was in my records i would try delaying the transfer of said real money.

Also i don't understand this part of your complaint. "Big four who used to be the Big three" So a youtube complaint video you made transformed 3 big companies into 4 big companies?

That kinda seems like epic failure. Meh.


I don't even understand what the heck you're trying to say. Did you get your money?

That should be all that matters. You shouldn't really care about the paperwork, just about your cash.



Here is how it works:

Ebay Inc's constant refusal to remove eligible transaction defects even when given proof led to the discovery of the Ebay Inc and Paypal Seller Dashboard Scam.

Any member that had a defect rating of over 2% on their Seller Dashboard between March 20, 2015 and February 2016 would remain there. If Ebay Inc decided to removed any defects they would ensure your percentage would remain above 2% even when proof was provided that they were eligible to be removed.

It all makes sense now. No Ebay member had any hope come 21 February 2016 when Ebay Inc introduced the new seller dashboard using "Global" standards. It was at this point that Ebay Inc started to unlawfully freeze any funds paid into Paypal for sales by customers for up to 21 days. Citing that it was a policy on the Ebay Inc User Agreement I had signed in July 2015.

Unfortunately for Ebay Inc as the user agreement has been deemed unlawful it is unenforceable. And to try to enforce it on a scam? Okay....

Anyway now we come to the 20 March 2016, yes today, and the next evaluation is scheduled. How many new members will have their funds frozen by Ebay Inc & Paypal?

No doubt there would have been members who were Above Standard on February 20 2016 and not affected by the change. Now though any eligible defects that were not removed between the 21 February 2016 and 20 March 2016 may have sent them over the 2% so now the member becomes "Below Standard" and again Ebay Inc unlawfully freeze their funds for 21 days.

And the scam goes on until every member is "Below Standard" and Ebay Inc and Paypal have unlawfully frozen their funds for 21 days. Potentially had the scam continued Ebay Inc and Paypal stood to make billions of dollars from Ebay members. Rest assured that help is on the way.

The ACCC were made aware of my findings last Friday 18 March and I have been in discussions with them this week regarding the investigation. Ebay Inc's lawyers, Corrs Chambers Westgarth in Sydney are currently awaiting instructions from Ebay Inc as to how to proceed. And you could not pay me enough to swap places with Corrs which I did actually say to Ebay's lawyer the last time we spoke. I am currently putting my personal lawsuit together for the grief they have put me through over the last 12 months which they are expecting.

I made contact with a major media corporation and handed over the details of the scam. They are happy to be my voice and the voice of the millions of people around the world who Ebay Inc and Paypal have stolen from. I envision that once the ACCC put out their media release that the class action law suits around the world will begin.

Will keep you informed. Kind Regards Ms Josephine Fisalli Ambassador for Sheridan Australia on behalf of Pacific Brands Registered BAS Agent on behalf of the Tax Practitioners Board


I can totally relate. I've been dealing with similar problems from ebay, as I'm sure many, many others have as well. Too bad their customer service is beyond useless; I wouldn't be surprised if they were getting a cut of the money they steal.

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