I sold my first item on eBay a few days ago and thought Id done everything right but kept receiving message to update. So I called and someone who says hes eBay employee kept telling me I had to put in ANOTHER checking account.

So I went to the trouble of opening up new one and he tells me I have to put larger deposit on it then tells me I have to buy a google play gift card. This has gone on for 3 days. And Ive been advised a pocket watch I was selling has sold and been paid for to PayPal. My PayPal accnt has a zero balance and Im being told to ship item before Im paid for it.

Theres more but frankly Im worn out and in fear that Ive been scammed or hacked. I am unable to remove checking account info or close eBay account. I am a widow living on social security and cant afford to go through something like this. I need help from someone who can verify they are indeed EBay employed.

Thank you. Dans Powell

User's recommendation: I’m not pissed. I’m very concerned re my bank ing info.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

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