*** my name is Trevor Woodeson

I won a bid for an iPhone 11 Pro on eBay Australia.

The only thing stated that was wrong with the phone was that the iCloud was locked. I won the bid.

When I recieved the phone the front screen was all cracked and The back of the phone was cracked as well.

I advised the seller of Item ID: 233969****12

That it was cracked. He told me I should of looked at the photos. To had told him that my eyes arent going anymore and also my eyes arent good. I told him he should of clearly stated what was wrong with it that he either sold it fraudulently or falsely.

He would not do anything about it. Now I have paid for a new screen of $129 Which I am Out of pocket for again

Plus I have to pay $90 to have it put in for me.

I still have to purchase a new rear case for it yet. Which will cost me another $250.

Thus should not be allowed. Rules are rules. I want to be compensated for the repairs I have to do to the phone.

User's recommendation: Be very careful of this buyer.

Location: Menzies, Queensland

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