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I sold a working nintendo gamecube. I took pictures of it including the back serial number.

The buyer asked for a return claiming it didn't work. When I received the package back it was a different gamecube with a complete different serial number on the back and it was beat up looking with scratches on it. I told ebay. They didn't care.

With the buyer protection plan on ebay it's based on honest buyers and normally works. However, it a buyer is dishonest and buys something used and switches it out with their broken item and returns it to the seller; the seller gets screwed 3 times: 1. Seller gets a different broken product back 2. Seller is forced to pay for two rounds of shipping 3.

buyer can still leave negative feedback and open a case where ebay penalizes you and then takes a higher percentage of all future sells.

in fact, there are thousands of people online that have experienced the same thing. There is goup websites, facebook groups and many more stories where sellers get screwed.


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I agree this is not right

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