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Update by user Sep 15

Customer service is now in the Philippines and the nature of the Filipino working their is to say anything to get you off the line.They have gone from bad to impossible.

Update by user Sep 15

So I opened another account sales very slow and eBay are getting worse. See my new review on why I no longer want to deal with them.

Update by user Jul 12

Went back on with another site poor results and lot of fights with eBay. Their are very few people on the phone lines who actually help. If you hit a road block terminate the call wait a day and call back eventually it gets to someone who actually understands the value of good relations with sellers.

Original review posted by user Dec 09, 2017

I had a 98.5 buyer approval rating. eBay always side with buyer and charge fees even when an item is returned.

ebay decisions on any case is based on them receiving fee. The only time seller gets a decision are for alleged lost items. The appeals go to eBays internal system. ebay override consumer law and you are sing in to be completely obedient to their policy.

Arguing logically and on correct legal grounds will get you thrown off ebay. Think about this before entering into or opening an ebay account.

It is a good place to buy but a bad place to sell. Beware

Review about: Ebay Growth Seller Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

Preferred solution: Revise policies and actually do reviews on cases. Computers are making decisions I suggest. .

I liked: Ease of listing.

I didn't like: No customer service for sellers.

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Report all of this to the Attorney General of California. The BBB does NOTHING.

eBay has been wanting a THIRD CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for some time now, and for all the same behavior that spurred the first one! Don't forget about PayPal. You signed a contract with PayPal and a separate contract with eBay. PayPal is supposed to be an independent financial resource.

This is the SECOND CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT EBAY LOST. If PayPal is supposed to be a neutral third party, who I have a contract with, they should be doing all the investigating on eBay's decision to take our money out of our accounts without authorization. PayPal does whatever eBay tells them to do. Also, PayPal will tell you that even if you dispute the outcome eBay decided, they will not change the decision.

The dispute resolution process does not exist. eBay trumps over their own policies that they were made to write and follow because the Federal Government got in their face--FOR US!. Now Ebay just looks at their own policies, laugh, and make the buyer or seller pay for eBay so eBay pays nobody anything.

Merry Christmas to all the eBay management who get our hard-earned money in their check every year as a BONUS! If I wanted to live in North Korea I would have moved there already eBay!

to winterowl59 #1418411

I studied the class actions, and you are right, when I went to the legal department they backed their own employees poor decisions. The end result is my daughter who was running the site had her income cut by an average of $2000.

This represented her only source of income, as she has learning issues and autism, I found eBay to be completely centered on their company making a profit.

I did publish the email of the legal assistant , hope he received emails. Happy New Year eBay the wrecking ball is coming out, I have no intention of stopping my pursuit of this company.

to Anonymous #1418456

I'm right next to you!

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