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I tried to login to eBay today to look for parts for my AC and it said I was no longer a registered user. They had no information about why but said an email would be sent saying why the account was suspended.

I checked my messages after chatting with 2 customer support reps (who both hung up on me) who both said I am banned and they cannot disclose why due to eBay policy. They said the decision was final and I am banned for life, despite 100% positive buyer / seller feedback apparently for 1 item where I modified a SIM card to accept 2 SIMs instead of 1 and clearly stated that is what I did, and showed the imperfections completely in the pictures.

But I also tested it with 2 SIMs and it worked flawlessly, the buyer never complained ($10 item shipped). Yet eBay said I am a "danger to their community." The irony of eBay, a service that allows stolen phones to be sold all the time and when a legitimate item is sold with full disclosure I am somehow now a threat to the eBay community and offered no explanation for my permanent banning from the website due to "eBay policy." This company is terrible.

User's recommendation: eBay will screw you over, be careful, they don't disclose anything by "rule of the company".

Preferred solution: Allow my account to remain active rather than banning me for life.

eBay - Account with 100% positive feedback over 21 years banned for life with no...
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i have tried many times to log into my ebay a.c but as i have changed my phone number am unable to log in what can i do please

Breasia Ool

Order no 18=10324-2**** a black and decker steam iron on receiving email from EVRi that it was at there depot for dispatch I noticed they had the wrong post code IV2 3AA instead of ZE1 0HL despite trying to contact them by several means I get nowhere can you sort this out please


My name is Joseph Richards Order No is15-0969*-***37. I bought some front rear struts and shocks from eBay they told me that it works on a 2008 to 2011 Ford focus but when I got the parts I saw they were not for my car I try to get it shipping label on the 24th of February was supposed to be here but didn't come but they give me a due date to ship the parts back can't talk to nobody and I spent all my heart and money with these people my car to break if I don't get these parts, DON'T BUY FROM EBAY ,TRY AMAZON, PLEASE.

Mattilynn Rba

EBay owns me £191 and refused to pay me no telephone number to call?because they are embarrassed the way operate?


Do you know Ebay is turning into a “woke” company like everybody else Ebay owes me $804 on a return hydraulic pump and said they pay me and refund my gift card which no longer exists I’ve had three case numbers and they shut the door so now I’m trying to find out through CONSUMER AFFAIRS having father complaint of course there’s no address to mail a certified letter to it’s just unbelievable that these corporations are getting by with so much.


I called what I thought was eBay customer service the agent had me get on AnyDesk and was see all my account credit cards was wanting me to type in password to my transfer in my checking if your people are doing this your braking the law Fraudulant activity was on eBay card it’s not connected to any of my accounts he was trying to tell me it was my number is 740-248-**** I want to speak to a live agent


Sent debt collection letter demanding payment for goods never sent


Absolutely no help

Hinata Ucy

I was giving feedback. I came up to the next item.

I got a red message saying that I can't leave feedback for this item (a sander) from my account. Huh? I just submitted a bunch. When I looked for the item in purchased items list it wasn't there nor were most of my purchases going back 3 years.

Probably more but you can't check further. Also, they have suspended me without explanation. Same thing happened to me months ago w/out explanation. I logged back a week later and suspension was gone, w/out explanation.

Somebody's name with an account but nothing in the account, kept coming up in my profile ID. Just now when I opened another tab with ebay a page comes up and says "Welcome back K....Are you ready to start selling again?" All the info I get in the help section is geared to Sellers. I've never been a seller. I opened 2 chats today.

As usual you're asked to explain the problem which you've already done when you opened chat. Okay, so I started typing again, half way through the message from her came that there was no activity so she's closing chat, and she did. I started another chat and get the same person on the line. She told me that she thought I'd walked away because there was no activity.

I had to straighten her out on that and told her that she has to leave people enough time to answer her questions besides which she can see me typing. So we started again and she went through stuff that anyone would do but not admitting that there's no topics on help for my problem. This time I ended the chat. I decided to use the phone.

First one said she couldn't hear me and that there must be something wrong with my phone. I hung up. I tried again and someone else picked up. He started by asking my full name and a few other things which I didn't answer.

I asked him where he was calling from "well, huh, we aren't allowed to divulge that".Okay buddy, so I hung up again.

There is nobody else to turn to and I'm mad as *** PS: I can only login as a member, don't know why. Who cares.

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It has got to be their MO. I could be you!

I had the same experience. When I tried to find out where they were located I didn't get an answer at all. What's the point in going through the list here.

You've already done a good job with that. Like I said, exactly the same scenario.


I thought eBay was for both buyers and sellers and um a buyer who didn’t receive her order and eBay did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue and they closed the case with me even satisfied eBay is rubbish

Laura S Var

Same they have hung up on me 5 times now....they dont care about their sellers anymore and told me to go to a different format after being with them for 16 years.


I’ve been trying to contact eBay about an order I just ordered where there was an address error can’t get anyone can get in touch with the seller really sucks


Please can you phone me on 0759714****

Kaylin U

The same thing happened to my significant other and they refused to release about $1,000 that was on hold for items sold on their platform.

Travia Fch

Start an legal arbitration like I did, you’ll thank yourself later.

reply icon Replying to comment of Travia Fch

How exactly did you start a legal arbitration against eBay?


I had the exact same thing happen to me! 100% rating. Received an email saying that I was banned for life and now they will not release the 600.00 for the items that I have sold!

Glenn R Bqb

Ebay is a pain in the *** They have gotten to damn big and needs there legs cut off. Someone needs to take them to court or Congress needs to pass laws that control what they do and how they do it more.

I have sold about the same as you and run into their Ebay policies all the time and have to fight them. If they did this to you, I imagine they will to me because I will tell them what I think and using any language that comes to mind. They lie, steal from thousands in fees and use cheap labor. Just like Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is the same, and we made both of them who they are now. I have had to fight for refunds with Amazon but at least you can call and speak to a person anytime but not with Ebay. They hide behind emails, phones etc. If I were you I would create a new account somehow or use someone else's account.

If not, try and find another platform. I don't know of any decent ones though.

Matthew S Hsy

They responded the exact same way the customer service reps responded "we can't tell you anything for legal reasons" and "we do this to ensure eBay is a safe marketplace.". You are banned for life.

Worthless. This was the BBB complaint.

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