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AnnMary Martin

I bought tractor like tow months a go to AnnMartin and we are use eBay and I try to contact them and they do not answer my emails. so I wanted to know who have the tractor AnnMary martin or eBay or when are you're going send the tractor to mi because I been withing for long time. so if y'all know something about this cause please let me know because I am so depress and frustrated so please I need you help because I know eBay. is a company we truest and I belive that you will help me
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Dallas, Texas
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I bought a 2007 john Deere tractor two months ago and i didn't receive noting. then i emailed to eBay transaction vehicle purchase. and also i e mailed to the owner of the tractor which is AnnMary Martin and nobody answer. this is the eBay motor case id 92B7M520L6K04 so rigth now I dont know what to do I need your help please. email me because I already pay for the tractor. also I Bought a F-250 truck ebay motor cars&trucks purchase Invoice 2000 ford f-250 lariat 4x4 # 560088****95 and I email Allen bradley never answer.
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always check feeback and especially make aure their feedback is not just for them buying!


I need to know what is going to hapen

with my money or to who I need contact.

please let me know. email me or call me

at miaroman@***.com or 817 663 ****

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Dallas, Texas

Scammed out of $2700

As I was browsing through the ebay site I came across a deal on a dirtbike.I made contact with the seller and made arrangements to purchase this bike.His claim was that he was a top rated seller and his feedback on the ebay site was showing%100 positive feedback,this led me to believe that he was a good person to deal with.Because of my faith in ebay I made the mistake of sending the payment through western union.I got three emails back from ebay or what I thought was ebay and was waiting on shipping information from seller.When he would not return my emails I quickly realised that this was a scam.These guys are using the ebay logo to make things look authentic,I think that this should be of some concern to ebay reprentives.I have lost faith in ebay and will never make another purchase from it with idiots like this selling on it with %100 positive feedback stuck by the side of their name. Thank you for your time.
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Did you hear of anyone ever get any money from PayPal after being defrauded??? I haven't... in fact PayPal likes to freeze everyone's money without reason for long periods of time..


This is not the first time that this scam is being done through Ebay,. I think Ebay should be held more accountable for what is listed for auction on there site's. Why does Ebay allow sellers without paypal accounts to sell on there site if this is the only protection the consumer using there site has.


That is why ebay encourage you to use PayPal... It doesn't cost anything and they will give you 100% of both cost and shipping if you get scammed, don't get your item, your item gets to you damaged, etc... Going with Western Union was your mistake, not ebay...

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EBAY/PAYPAL Unethical practices

I had a very disturbing interaction with EBAY. It is my contention that they are unethical in there collection of their "Final Value Fee." According to "Brent" in EBAY customer service (who was unwilling to provide any further identification), EBAY charges this fee to the seller, even if the merchandise was returned to the seller and no money was made by the seller. He said the only way to avoid paying this fee is to immediately agree to refund the seller's money. In other words, if you ask for any type of investigation, you are going to be forced to pay the Final Value Fee to E-Bay, even if they rule against you, the merchandise is returned, and you made NO money on the transaction. The rude and unprofessional manner I was treated by "Brent" notwithstanding, this is unfair, unethical, and possibly illegal.
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Ebay makes it easy for buyers to rip off sellers, have a look


How about eBays rediculous accounting system. They are currently running a scam on FVF on shipping.

Say you charge $2.50 shipping the FVF should be $0.28, this particular sale included 17 items. The first item was charged $2.50, the rest shipped for free. What does ebay do instead?

They charge me $0.02 per item bringing the FVF on shipping to $0.34.

Most people won't catch on to this cash rip off by FeeBay but any smart business person will.


The best thing to do is to find another venue to buy and sell at I recommend free listings and down to earth people.


Both eBay and Paypal suck to the 10th power.


Can't comment on EBay cause I've never used them. PAYPAL on the other hand is extremely unethical.

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San Diego, California

Pissed first time buyer. Never again!

I bought a pair of headphones from greatcheapdeals. The headphones sounded terrible so I emailed the seller and they said to return them and gave me an RMA number. I sent them back and tracked them on the UPS site. Well, the seller claims they never got there. I contacted ebay and after an investigation which involved no questions to me ebay claims I sent the package back on my own and they will not help at all! Case closed! Dont be fooled by ebays Buyer Protection. ebay will not support the paying customer at all. Now I am out 200.00 and have no headphones. NEVER AGAIN!!!!
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I'm hopping off the eBay band wagon and have joined Joseph on Thanks for the tip Joe.


I'll also add that when I purchase on eBay and find myself with an item that must be returned, I go through Paypal's Dispute Resolution process for this, instead of just e-mailing the seller directly. That way, Paypal tracks all seller-buyer communications and it (Paypal) instructs me to return the item.

If you go to the seller directly, you could end up as you have. I know sellers may not like this approach, but I can tell you from a lot of experience, it makes sense on any moderate to large purchase (or any amount I don't want to put at risk).


I'm surprised that eBay took this position if you could prove to them (in writing) that the seller authorized the return and that the seller actually received it. The key is to retain all e-mails between you and the seller, so you can provide to eBay or Paypal if necessary. Without this, they won't care about your claim.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Consider selling and shopping at Customer service is second to none with quick replys. give them a try.

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Online Auction Hotubs

Slick attractive ads selling Man Spa's on Ebay. The seller refused to report prior to sale who will be delivering and / or fixing spa should it break down. The seller hinted he would give buyer a contact on who could deliver it bit never gave any specific names. I reported this to Ebay and I was able to get out of buying the spa. Be careful! Get everything prior in writing or do not buy. Costco'S OC spa are a problem too. The 60 jets are weak and they did not deliver items that were listed such as programable led lights. Costumer service never returned our calls regarding numerous problems. We are returning the tub.
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Ebay fees are out of control

Ebay fees are out of control. At this point, Ebay seems to be taking advantage of the customer. I understand charging fees for utilizing their service but they have gone beyond reasonable and into ridiculous. Taking advantage of the consumer simply because of their size has never been an acceptable practice. Ebay is no better than the traditional phone company, power company, or gas company that takes advantage of its position in the marketplace. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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P i s s on ebay, sell on



:roll just my 2 centas i been selling on ebay about 3 months now and the fees are ridiculous. ebay listing fees final value ees , final value on shipping fees, paypal fees paypal wait time, and i cant even validate my paypal debit card to access my money because i dont have anbank account to "insure" my debit.

thats my money and they hold it for weeks ata time but the most i get from them is they withhold the shipping fees UNTIL they buyers funds are made available in the meantime where is that money. sorry im so pissed right now and i feel terrible cos theres nothing i can do but try thisother site that was mentioned.imdone with ebay i will not be relisting anything more there.


I was going to set up a seller's account on Ebay and started doing research online. After spending days reading about Ebay's exorbitant fees,Pal Pal's hold on funds that belong to the seller (of course, they get to keep and draw interest on that money!) and the many ways Ebay screws sellers and buyers as well, I've decided not to ever use their site to sell anything.

I found a great company that charges NO listing fees, no sale fees, no fees of any kind and no fine print.

It's called S


I agree that their fees are simply unacceptable but yet we keep putting with it why? I found sellers that are no longer selling on eBay but have gone to where there is no listing fees and virtually no end of auctions fees chat feature, skype integration.

Hope this helps 8)

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Lees Summit, Missouri

E-bay rulings am I out of line???

So here is my issue. I was always hesitant of E-bay, but had an account for a long time. I finally made a couple of purchases recently and went ok. I listed a radio I too out of a car, which I changed just to upgrade to a Nav equipped radio. I posted the radio with an accurate description to include model number and sevral close up pics. I selected no returns as being an electronic device I did not want to deal with someone possibly rigging it or something happening in shipping and I get stuck with a broken piece. A merchant bought it paid promptly and I sent it. E-bay sends me a notice that the purchaser states the cd player doesn't work and wants to send it back for a refund. I told them I put in the ad "No Returns" They "ruled" in favor of the buyer and I have to refund them??? The purchaser told them they tried numerous times to contact me, which they did not even once. They also said the item was not described accurately?? Taht's *** !! What the ***...noone will answer me, there is no alternate contact for E-bay ?? Does anyone have any suggestions? Please tell me if I am out of line?? Thank You Randy
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there is nothing you can do about what happened as it has happened to me. it is also in the ebay policies that they can almost do whatever they want as my attorney said. ebay has really lost it. no ethics.

your best bet to get even is close your paypal-ebay link and make sure that ebay has no bank or credit card info from you. then, start selling alot of stuff. you have 30 days before they try to collect the fees. Put on your listing to not send payment at end of auction and wait until i send you an invoice. that way you can send a paypal invoice that has nothing to do with ebay on it so ebay cant take any money from you. the worse they can do is close your account. ebay is not in the USA anymore. they sold it to a company overseas. Paypal is now in India, so you dont want them having your bank info anyway.

ever since ebay and paypal got bought out, the companies have gone to ***. good luck!


good luck trying to get any money back from UPS. same thing happened to me. UPS wont give me the money.


If you sell an item and it gets damaged in shipping, the buyer could legitimately demand a refund from you, according to eBay's rules. That's why you, as the seller, should always insure all items you ship to buyers. If an insured shipment is damaged in transit, you refund the buyer and the insurer reimburses you.

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Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
Ebay Account

Ebay closed my account I cant get refund

E-bay closed my account without warning as I had unpaid item strikes. They told me to contact sellers (3) but sellers resorted to collective bullying avoiding me even when I offered them money for removing unpaid item strikes and phoned million times. Somebody who owes me money decided not to pay as my account is closed now. Ebay customer services send me generic replies, not sure that they even read my e-mails. Is there any chance now to get my money back? They talk about following the rules, but there are no rules for dishonest sellers, no protection
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To be frank, non-paying bidders are one of the biggest curses of eBay, so I have little sympathy for you. When you choose to purchase something, that is a legal obligation, so pay for it, or at the very least let the seller know if you changed your mind so they can cancel the transaction.

Bidding on something, then never paying is crass and irresponsible.

Grow up a little and treat your business dealings with a little more respect. You made your bed, so lie in it...


Take my advice and find another venue to buy or sell from. I've been looking into for awhile and I'm ready to take a chance on them. They have free listings, low end of auction fees, live chat and more features that I wish eBay had.

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Durham, England
Ebay Account
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EBay cancelled auctions, now makes me wait 7 days to relist?

This is a copy of an email I sent to various consumer sites, as well as the board of directors for eBay. >> This is a copy of the email I originally sent to the CEO of eBay after experiencing dreadful problems with eBay. Just because eBay is the leading auction site in the United States does not give them the right to sacrifice customer service. Please read and post where applicable. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Richard L Gerhold Date: Tue, May 4, 2010 at 9:52 PM Subject: huge eBay problem, and horrible customer service to boot To: john.donahoe@***.com Mr. Donahoe, I have been an eBay member since February 9th of 2000. This is the second time eBay has manipulated my account and at this point, I am so sorely disappointed with eBay I'd stop doing business with them altogether if there was another choice. Many of the board of directors have joined after I joined eBay, so I feel that as an older customer of there's my opinion, however small, should count for something. On May 4th, 2010 at approximately 5:30pm PST I attempted to list 4 iPad's on eBay. I verified my phone with a pin number upon eBay's request. Listing's were scheduled to start at 7pm PST. At 9pm PST I checked my email and was told that my eBay account was suspended, and that the four listings I had requested were canceled. So I started contacting eBay, I went through your live chat system, a person named Valerie handled the support call. She had your representatives call me twice to verify information, and I can barely understand the accent of whoever you have working for you, both individual's English was horrible. 45 minutes later, I am able to re-list my iPad's, but now I'm informed through your system that I can't list any iPad's now, as I've reached the max limit of 4 iPad's listed, and have to wait for 7 days to list any more iPad units. ?? So just to recap and summarize, your company cancels my listings, fails to contact me and just assumes someone is using the service illegally and fraudulently, then reactivates my account, but now imposes a sales limit for auctions you closed! After informing your chat room representative Valarie, she says she's transferring me to a different department to handle my problem. She promises me that this department can fix the problem. My transfer never occurred, the connection either timed out, or the transfer was never attempted. I refresh your chat page and connect again. Someone named Roberta answers your chat window and transfers me again, and yet again, the connection fails to transfer. I connect a fourth time, this time I spoke to Caitlin. She transfers me, and I am told automatically that I am #20 in a queue. During that time waiting, I wrote the majority of this email. Upon my fourth attempt to resolve this issue, the person who conducted the chat, Bernadette E, was unwilling to reset this counter eBay has imposed on me for selling iPad's (despite the fact that eBay themselves closed the auctions). I have been told by Bernadette that my issue was elevated to a "supervisor" (no name was given), and that this supervisor would have to then forward the issue on to another department, eBay's "Trust and Safety team" and that I should expect a response in 24-48 hours. I did over $50,000 business with eBay in the last 6 months. At this point, I am past furious, I am so sorely disappointed in eBay I'm not sure if anything can rectify my anger. But as a consumerist I feel it is my duty to share my negative experience with as many people as I can, obviously eBay is the proverbial Goliath, and I'm just slinging stones here, but maybe someone will publish this complaint. Cordially Richard L Gerhold CEO RG Performance
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Portland, Oregon
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Ebaystore Santi91: Pen broken, dishonest

I bought a pen from ebaystore Santi 91 (Santiago/pseudo redsanti): pen was broken. Santiago was ok to split cost to fix it. He wanted a positive review as quickly as possible on ebay to "close his files"; I did and trusted him !! I fixed at my own expenses and no news from Santiago: his last email was an email with insults ! Dishonest, untrustworthy,... I'll never do again business with him. My advice: don't do business with this guy (he sells bills, pens and watches !!) Avoid ebaystore Santi91, redsanti and santiago !!!Keep away from this guy. Thanks for reading
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Toronto, Ontario
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EBay Blocked Me From Selling Becuase I sold to Much!!

What a joke. eBay has blocked my Livecircuits account for selling to much. They must be afraid they are making to much money off of me. I can see why there shares are falling and there traffic is down! Does this make any sense? I contacted eBay and they said they would not remove the limit, lol. I have 99% positive feedback to boot! Here is the message I get. We regret to inform you that your eBay account is prohibited from listing additional items at this time. In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts. This selling limit is in no way meant to question your record with eBay or standing within the eBay community. To resolve this situation, please contact eBay's SafeHarbor Department using the Webform on the following help page. We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as quickly as possible.
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My account was blocked because I requested money from sellers who soled me stolen Iphones and they posted "no return".

Ebay is Arabic base company they supporting sellers who are stilling and selling items to the American Citizens.

They suspended my wife account because she sold to many items and next week she could cash bonus.



eBay has gotten way out of control but we have ourselves to blame because we keep tolerating this nonsense from them. I've found a site which is how eBay used to be free listing, virtually no end of auction fees, online chat etc..

that's where I'm headed for. Nothing to lose.


Did you make several identical listings? If so, you may have violated eBay's policy.

If that IS what you did, use Dutch auctions next time.

eBay buyers get tired of people listing 50 identical auctions just so they'll get more exposure. I've never heard of eBay limiting the number of sales you can make other than in this instance.


They charge outrageous fees!


do you have a feedback of one hundred or more?if you dont once you hit that mark you shouldnt have any more problems.i sell on ebay too and im trying to get away from them.I feel they take way to much money from me.It wasnt bad when i first started out selling but now it just crazy at the amount they are taking plus paypal too.

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New York, New York
Ebay Account
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$800 Stealth Box Scam on eBay

I bought a grow box from a site called "The Stealth Box" in February. Their prices were infinitely cheaper than other manufacturers, which should have tipped me off. But I ordered it. They told me that it would take 2-4 weeks to build and deliver the box to me. 4 Weeks after the transaction, I received an email saying that they had received my payment and would begin building my box. I figured they were either backed up (because of the great prices, or they worked other jobs, I don't know. I took them at their word). At that time, they said that I should expect to receive the box within 2 weeks. Being new to eBay, I did not realize that they had just given me the date of the 45 day limitation to eBay Buyer Protection policy. I emailed them 7 weeks after the original order, but heard nothing. I filed a claim with PayPal - they sent an email to The Stealth Box, but dismissed my claim because the 45 day window had passed. That was what this scam artist had been doing the whole time. I admit that I was naive, but this is an obvious scam! Now I can't even warn other eBayers about the scam, because it is also conveniently past the window of opportunity for leaving feedback for the seller. This guy is going to do this over and over again!!! If it seems too good to be true - it probably is! (And don't EVER buy from The Stealth Box)
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I know of this company doing this before, I have talked to my associates on it...

There is a link about that company somewhere located on this blog

Grow Boxes BlogLink.


Here is a copy of the email I sent them on April 20th, to which they never responded.

Dear thestealthbox,

Hi. I received a message from you on March 4 that my box would arrive within 3-4 weeks. That was 7 weeks ago. I don't mean to be a pest, but could you please update me on the status of my box? Thanks.

- bethannejamison12


From: thestealthbox

To: bethannejamison12

Subject: thestealthbox has sent a question about item #250447****68, that ended on Feb-09-10 10:13:18 PST - ULTRA Aeroponic Grow System-LED,Automated,Carbon Filter

Sent Date: Mar-04-10 10:07:49 PST

Dear bethannejamison12,

Dear buyer, funds from your purchase have recently cleared through paypal. We can now start construction on your box. Most orders arrive within 3-4 wks of payment clearing. Thank you again and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

- thestealthbox

ULTRA Aeroponic Grow System-LED,Automated,Carbon Filter

Item Id: 250447****68

End time: Feb-09-10 10:13:18 PST


bethannejamison12 (1)

100.0% Positive Feedback

Member since Jan-19-10 in United States

Location: VA, United States

Listing Status: This message was sent while the listing was closed.


Thanks, Oliver. Here is a snapshot of the ebay receipt.

Hello beth jamison,

Your eCheck payment of $802.00 USD to flaenterprisesllc@***.com has been deposited into your recipient's account.

Transaction ID: 1UM04773EB803992U

eChecks usually take 3-5 business days to process.


Payment details


Subject: ULTRA Aeroponic Grow System-LED,Automated,Carbon Filter

Buyer's User ID: bethannejamison12

Amount: $583.00 USD

Shipping & Handling: $219.00 USD

Insurance: $0.00 USD

Total Amount: $802.00 USD


Item Information


Item #: 250447****68

ItemTitle ULTRA Aeroponic Grow System-LED,Automated,Carbon Filter

Item Quantity: 1

Item Unit Value: $583.00 USD

eBay User ID: bethannejamison12


Hey bethannejamison,

"TheStealthBox" claims they never received an order from you. Please post that revisit of yours to this post. Provide snapshots of their emails, paypal's emails so we can prove those StealthBox people that they are true scam artists that use excuses to defend themselves without any proof.

Hey The Stealth Box,

Before you say this guy isn't a customer and never made any order at all with you guys, where is your proof of him not being a customer? Lying is one thing while scamming people is another. I will use legal action against you guys and will be teaming up with the Better Business Breau to take your business down as a factor. This is a heads up of what will happen to you. HOW do you feel if someone scammed you and that caused you to end up loosing your home? It is a big issue towards this person and you have to realize that scamming will get you nowhere. Refund 100% of the funds to this person or else legal action will be taken.


No record??? Here is an email sent by the Stealth Box about delivery. I have more - and they certainly know they have my $800. I'll post that receipt as well.

#1: Dear bethannejamison12,

Hello. Build Time is 1-2 Wks unless we are delayed. Ship Time is 1-2 Weeks. You can contact us by email at any time. We include detailed instructions for setting up each component of the system, but you are still welcome contact us if you need help! :)

- thestealthbox

#2: Dear bethannejamison12,

Dear buyer, funds from your purchase have recently cleared through paypal. We can now start construction on your box. Most orders arrive within 3-4 wks of payment clearing. Thank you again and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

- thestealthbox


:? We don't have any record of an order from this person. -StealthBox

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Ebay The Final Straw- Seller Performance Below Standards? WHAT?!

I am, or shall I say WAS a novice seller on Ebay, I have almost 70 points on my seller account. I've had my account for almost 7-8 years and occasionally sell something I no longer want that may be of some value. I recently sold roughly 50 single DVDs, as well as a lot of over 100 DVDs. I also sold a camper valued at $9000, so you can say that Ebay got a nice chunk of money from me over the years with their exorbitant fees. The reason I am writing this is because I just recently received an email from Ebay telling me that my seller performance is below their standard?!? WHAT?! I was confused. I have never EVER had a negative on Ebay and have ALWAYS took immediate action in the event of a problem with a transaction. I looked and had a few low stars for my shipping charges. Think about it. No negatives, but yet Ebay is telling me that Im not doing a good enough job? What a low blow! How dare them! Who pays for Ebay? Sellers. Who does Ebay cater to? BUYERS. I am trying to understand this logically but not connecting the dots. I don't have and NEVER had a negative on Ebay. More than 10% of seller earnings from Ebay get sucked out of your account by the time you pay your fees to Ebay and Paypal, both of which are owned by Ebay. As soon as I receive payment, I ship my items out immediately, and address any buyer issues promptly. Ebay is telling me I'm under standards because they say my shipping charges are too high? I recently sold over 50 single DVDs starting at PENNIES on the dollar. My shipping charges are not outreagous, but yes, I may make a few pennies on the dollar per transaction on shipping. ALL of my shipping charges are CLEARLY displayed on my auctions, and reasonable as to not confuse a buyer. I do not hold a gun to the buyer's head when they bid, so I dont know why they would rate me low for shipping costs. Ebay can charge sellers fee after fee after fee to list on their site, but will come back telling sellers "Well the fees are clearly visible on our site" but let a seller try to make a little money on shipping, and you get slammed with a seller performance below standard Email. Buyers can leave negative feedback and scores to sellers at will, but sellers cannot. Buyers dont pay Ebay ANYTHING. Sellers are the pedistal of Ebay. Without us, there would BE NO EBAY. Who does Ebay defend? BUYERS! Maybe us sellers on Ebay need to set up a date and just totally STOP selling on Ebay and see if Ebay changes their rules around! I am going to end with telling ebay this. You kiss my white rear! Im going to start selling on Amazon for now on!
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Sadly ebay has turned the tables on sellers. Sellers are now victimized by ebay rape.

For example, a buyer lies. Even though the seller has proof it is a lie, ebay sides with the buyer. The buyer clicks they want to return an item (instead of coming to you) through the resolution center checking item not as described, yet in the reason they put "I didn't like it." So, how is that as item not as described? Seller is victimized on their dash board because of a buyer not liking an item and done via the resolution center.

Ebay penalizes sellers for canceling transactions on a seller dashboard.

So, it's the seller fault that ebay lists items that you already sold? Of course, it is the seller's fault - ebay is perfect.

Sellers are even penalized on broken items in shipping even though you provide a full refund on the cost, but you were not the one that delivered it. Unbelievable, ebay actually did that to me. An item was broken in shipment.

I refunded the money. Yet, the buyer did all through the resolution center - I was penalized because it was done through the resolution center. Ebay victimized me for a broken shipment and a buyer wanting their money back. What am I missing here?

I can't control buyers.

Calling ebay is a joke. You are transferred, if you are lucky not to be hung up on, numerous times. You receive mix information and yet no one can help you!

Ebay has turned into raping and victimizing their sellers not only financially, but now on the dash boards. Pathetic.


Ebay sucks! There is no dispute there.

How to "fight back"? Not many options. A class action lawsuit is a good idea. In the meantime...

contact Protection organizations who are watching this fraudulent place:

Website: Better Business Bureau

Email: info@***.org

Address: Better Business Bureau

1112 S.

Bascom Ave.

San Jose, CA 95128 Phone Number: 408-278-**** Department of Consumer Affairs Consumer Information Division 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112 Sacramento, CA 95834


OMG! Your story is EXACTLY mine.

I actually argued with the 'English as a second language' customer service reps that exact point. Buyers are not forced to buy anything and shipping is CLEARLY displayed. I wish I had the $$ to hire a lawyer for their illegal practices against buyers.

Did I mention that I was a Top Rated Seller in the morning and below standard by the afternoon? Yeah, talk about mixed messages!


Lol...."Top Rated seller in the morning and below standard in the afternoon..." VERY FAMILIAR! I had TR AND POWER SELLER status one day and the next both were gone because I had a psycho buyer who didn't like the shoes she bought (worn once, GREAT SHAPE).

Rather than just ask for a refund, she went straight to negative feedback. I did what every other ebay seller who doesn't have any other recourse does.... I used a friend's account to buy from HER and RIPPED HER 100% rating away from her (HOW she had 100% is a miracle, considering the quality of the items she sold). I gave her a big fat neg on two items and actually she DESERVED them even IF I wasn't just getting back at her.

I have no regrets. It's the only thing we have left!


I agree, eBay has become a sucky company to deal with. I've stopped using them.

I had a buyer provide me with a bad mailing address, and when her package was delayed because of it she left me negative feedback, even after I gave her a full refund. Huh? I became aware of ebay's new policy regarding feedback when I called them about it. Bottom line, buyers matter sellers don't.

Huh? again.

Ebay now has one less seller, and buyer, to worry about. Personally I hope ebay goes bankrupt.


Ebay cares only for the HUGE volume of sales sellers. The normal person selling their "junk" as they used to put it, is no longer welcome.

I just found ebid a site out of the UK (they have a US site). No listing fees and seems to be better than ebay, although much smaller at this time.


Member since: XXX-XX-99

Feedback: 103 100% positive

Hi -- Above is my eBay member profile. I have bought maybe 70 things and sold 33 things on eBay over more than 10 years. It has clearly changed. I was also very disturbed when seller feedback was disabled. I sold a guitar for a friend at a good price, then the buyer brought up some nonsense about non-existent damage and demanded a

partial refund. I had to give it to him, but I would have liked to have left less than stellar feedback for him in case he is generally abusive... but Gee ... no more feedback. Of course eBay did the 21-day thing to me too. I had planned to start selling a lot on eBay, but I feel they have made things too unequal. It used to be a community where people did right by eachother, but now, for the personal seller who is not a business, you get exposed to very demanding buyers w/ no protection.


ebay is so ridiculous any more with their constant seller perforance BS. Ebay is a monopoly and knows that sellers really have no other auction place to turn to.

So they extort you with high fees and holding your money in paypal for up to 21 days, simply because "they can". Ebay only really cares about their cheap chineese junk power sellers that import all their cheap junk from China.


Ditto ditto ditto. Ebay is extorting thousands from me.

LETS START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! Let me know where to sign up.


The real reason WHY ebay will now so easily hand you a below seller performance rating is so they can freeze up YOUR money in paypal. This money collectively is then either invested or loaned against as is revolves in and out of THEIR "freeze" account.

Just imagine the steady flow of funds in and out and what the average holdings would add up to?

Millions!!!! And that makes eby-paypal millions at the end of the year

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Ebay Customer Support Reps = Waste of Breathable Air

Just called up Ebay Customer Support to try and resolve an issue I was having with redeeming my Ebay Bucks. The rep sounded tired and disinterested at first. I also heard loud laughter and carrying-on in the background like the was a huge party going on. Anyway, it took much effort to keep him on track with my problem, then he finally told me that due to the term and conditions of Ebay Bucks, my item would not qualify. I quickly proved him wrong as I read the terms in detail earlier. Then, stumped, he wanted to have the 'Ebay Bucks Department' (if there is such a thing) contact me which would take 2 business days. No doubt this was just to get me off the phone. I told him no I want to pay for this thing now and can you transfer me to Paypal Support so maybe they could help? He did that and a very intelligent-sounding young lady answered and totally fixed the problem. Bottom-line: I believe Ebay's CS reps to be incompetent and they just want to put you on hold or get you off the phone if they have to work at their job.
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This had me rolling :cry I feel your pain. Yes, outsourcing has its problems: language barrier.

I don't want anything to do with any overseas call center. I'm starting to cut my cards..bloomies, i could care less most of Furstenberg's clothes are made in china, now, anyway....I'm done over it-global schmobel...wasting 10 hours of my life to fix a simple problem of mathematics is just not worth it.

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