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MyStErY uspsxcourtyard miami beach oceanfront | Ebay review from Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

MyStErY uspsxcourtyard miami beach oceanfront - Ebay review

Update by user Aug 06, 2011


ANYWHERE ..... OR .....

IT IS \"ADORNING\" someone\'s STEALER FILTHY \"FINGERS!\" - CASE IS CLOSED! Thank You Very Much Pissed Consumer for letting me tell the world !!!

Wanderlei Navarro - BRAZIL

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2011

Bought a ring from an Ebay seller and asked to be shipped to COURTYARD MIAMI BEACH OCEANFRONT - 3925 Collins Ave. Miami Beach - FL, c/o a friend of mine who was spending vacation there. USPS tracking records says the package was delivered on June 15th, 11:29 a.m. – The hotel said it did not receive the package. Do I trust my friend? Yes! She got items for me worth more than $ 150.00. She had no reasons to lie about a ring worth $ 20. Despite the many e-mails to usps and to the hotel, neither one nor the other, bother to answer me. I did not ask to be compensated, reimbursed or whatever. I just felt I had the right to know where my package had gone to. I was wrong. I did not have the right. SAD!
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The hotel says it was returned but there's no way to track it down. USPS never replied!

Ebay seller says he "not get it back".

Conclusion: I'll behave exactly like USPS.


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Ebay: Hands down the worst customer service rep. I have ever spoken to.

Recently , I made 7 purchases off ebay. 3 of these transactions did not show up under purchase history. At first, I thought given time, the transaction would show up. After a week when I still did not see any change, I decided to email the sellers. One of them was courteous enough to reply back, the others as of right now haven't responded. So I decided to call Ebay today.The person who took my call 'Mr. Emerson', from the beginning of the call, clearly did not want to be on the phone. Every time I told him what had happened, he would tell me that nothing was wrong and that the payment had been made. So just to check I gave him the item numbers of the products that I had bought. He put on hold for 20 minutes, then came back to tell me that I had not bought these items. Working in the retail industry myself, I have learned to be patient with difficult people but this guy was unbelievable. After keeping me on hold for over 20 minutes, he comes back to tell me that I'm lying. Biting down on my anger, I explained how I am a frequent customer on ebay and that this kind of problem had never happened to me before. I asked him what I could do to solve this situation and get my money back. I got no response. I kept repeating 'Hello? Hello?'. This guy had kept the receiver down the entire time I was talking. I could not believe the audacity of this guy. I could not believe Ebay actually let people like Emmerson talk to their customers.I took him name down and ended the call. I kept civil with this man which I really regret. As of today, I'm ending all my business with ebay and would like to warn every Ebay user reading this. I've been with them for over 5 years and this is how treated me. Dont lose your hard earned money.
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E-bay and paypal. Horrible, expensive situation. | Ebay review from Cincinnati, Ohio

I discovered that after the catastrophe in Japan radiation monitors were hot. The Radalert 100 seemed to be the favorite. I contacted the manufacturer, Med-Com, and was told there was a two month backorder on this particular monitor. I copied directly off Med-Com's web site a statement the read " This item is on a two month backorder and if you were not willing to wait that long or longer for delivery DO NOT ORDER. I listed it on e-bay where I had put the Med-Com statement on my description. I called e-bay and they said it was ok to do that. My sales skyrocketed in April to over $10,000. I was exstatic. Pay pal saw the increase and supended my account pending more information from me. I sent them my business license, bank account statments, everything they asked for. They then suspended me PERMANENTLY WITHOUT RIGHT TO APPEAL I was forced to refund everyones money. After they did that e-bay suspended me. Neither could give me a reason except e-bay said I was "A threat to the e-bay community" what that meant the totally obscure customer service dept couldn't tell me. So this cost me over $4000 in profit plus e-bay removed all my listings I had spent hours reserching and entering. Then PayPal realized they had made a mistake, this was after contacting the BBB and Federal Trade Commision. They reinstated me and apolgized, so, still cost me $4000. E-bay soon followed suit. I recieved a bill from them saying I owed them then $491 dollars in fees. My actual sales that I was able to get through before shutdown was $44.00. I printed out 11 pages of credits to my account that e-bay hadn't given me. I still have over $900 in credits that they just keep giving me the run around about. They say my bill is now $341 and they have once again suspended me. Don't care because I would never use the lousy bastards again anyway. Oh and my feedback rating was 100% positive. I have again filed with the BBB and screw-bay keeps sending me threatening e-mails to pay. They still have my $900 in credits. My stuff is now listed with under Abby's Basement.
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No real shock. eSTEAL and PayPal work to protect the GUILTY and "Screw" the INNOCENT!

I have told both organizations the ONLY difference between them an Al Qaeda is AQ has a Better P.R. Agent.

AQ is up front about their intentions whereas eSTEAL and PayPal don't. Both treat people the same, though

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Ebay Customer Care

Ebay Overcharging with no support

eBay is evil. eBay is corrupt. eBay is unethical in their business practices. Boycott this venue unless you are ready to lose all of your money to a company that will not support their sellers. What good is a contract when it is continually changed without consultation. And one is forced into agreeing with the terms. I believe this is an illegal maneuver. My business should be controlled by me. This is not the case with partnering with eBay. They dictate my rate and charges.How much shipping I can charge which is at a loss.It cost money out of my pocket and know they want a percentage of a negative amount of my profit from shipping are they out of their mind?
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Ask Grif, grif's not here man! | Ebay review from Westminster, Colorado

ebay has a tab for asking a representative questions via email. I sent a question and below is the response Hi marcmain88, is out of the office until 05/10/2013 and may not be able to respond to your message. Message from Hello, PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE RESPONSE! I am unable to respond to email from eBay buyers and sellers sent to me via My Messages. My Messages is meant as a communication channel between eBay buyers and sellers (and for direct marketing messages from eBay to buyers and sellers). I cannot use it as a channel for providing customer support for eBay members. Please feel free to send all email directly to at the email address indicated in my eBay User ID ("griff" followed by the "@" sign and then "")using your regular email application (not My Messages). DO NOT FORWARD YOUR INTIAL 'MY MESSAGES' EMAIL TO griff at!" I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESPOND TO A 'MY MESSAGES' FORWARD! Copy and paste the body of your intial email into a new, non My Messages new email in your regular email program or web based email service and send it to "griff" followed by the "@" sign and then "". To repeat, your My Messages email will not be answered nor will a forward of a My Messages email. Thanks, Griff
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Ebay screws me.

I wanted to buy an expensive piece of audiophile equipment. There are often a few new in the box on eBay. I could not remember my ebay login so I created a new one. I bid on an auction, won and paid for the item $1125 immediately. eBay then saw fit to suspend my account effectively just handing my money to the seller as he no longer had access to the means to ship the item. I phoned customer service and have submitted the exact documents they requested 4 time. Something is probably wrong but they never get back to me. I am a buyer and I had paid - ebay stole from me.
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Ebay Account

Ebay discriminated against me

i tried selling a guitar on ebay. had it listed and sold once they took it down. posted it again and they took it down, the second time there answer was they received a letter from another member saying i was selling a counterfeit guitar. when all i was selling was a GUITAR. i cant sell my guitar on ebay but yet i can buy and sell BONGS water pipes go friggin figure. ebay sells drug paraphernalia but someone cant sell a guitar. called them and they couldnt give me a answer just hung up on me 3 times ebay sucks
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Yes, ebay sucks. That is all I'm saying - agree.


So how is that age, race or gender discrimination????


How is this discrimination? Back up your words or shut up!

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Ripped off | Ebay review from Columbia, Missouri

I ordered something in April that was supposed to arrive in early June. It hasn't arrived. I decided to check on the status and found the site has been taken down. My purchase was listed on EBay to arrive in 48 days. Ebay allowed this so I assumed it was safe. I find that after 45 days you're on you own. Ebay should not allow anyone to post something that is listed to arrive after the date resolutions can be filed. EBay and the seller scammed me. I can't even contact them after 45 days. I have tried to reach them by phone and the web site. I can't get through because they don't think I have an order outstanding. My transaction number will not work. They got my money and ran. Ebay should have notified me when the site was taken down and my order was outstanding. I give up. Take care. Ebay is not safe!!!!
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48 day delivery time ? something is wrong from the start of this

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EBay Stands Behind Nothing

I recently contracted to make an unbelievable purchase on eBay. However, since the listing page represented that "Seller accepts all responsibility for this listing", I figured it was legitimate. It is my understanding that eBay's position is that the point at which you click on a listing button that says "Buy Now" you have incurred a contractual obligation to complete the purchase. However, it appears that there eBay holds no concomitant responsibility on the part of the vendor to deliver. You can make a mistake and click on "Buy Now" and be obligated but, if the seller makes a mistake, regardless of his representations in his listing, he is not obligated to perform and make delivery in accordance with the terms of his listing.
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my brother in law has now received a refund from the del company who did fail to del the item back unfortunately the seller didt inform us of this if he had then this post would never have been put on here i hope in the future he replys to emails and passes on any info thats needed


gerddyboy ripped off for 10 if he wont give a refund for that beware he is good when things are going ok any problems he blames on the buyer and will not except the truth so buy from at your peril


very true bought an item off

gerddyboy on e bay he sent the wrong item said send it back then but your paying postage back to me in the end i paid return postage he has postage details and tracking number i paid the postage by pay pal to return it they now say he has not had it back as i cant prove it ripped off by

gerddyboy no help from e bay or pay pal dispite the fact the item was wrong they said i had to pay postage baCK FOR THE WRONG ITEM WHAT A JOKE

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I had written the Better Business Bureau 2 times regarding my eBay complaint as a seller and their unique method of collecting funds for monthly fees. Their accting system became suspect so I did my work and finally showed hard copy proof. When this once again fell on...
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EBAY: False Advertising Claims:

•Shipping times are not accurate for some sellers -- too short.

•Seller ratings are not accurate --ratings elevated by Ebay Policies.

•Ebay protects bad sellers -- as long as they are producing revenue for Ebay.

•Ebay does not offer customer service as advertised -- Ebay customer support is designed to do put off complaints until customers give up and go away.

Part Not Shipped As Advertised. ========================= Seller could of shipped the part Monday; but did not ship it until Thurs.

Called seller 2 times by phone leaving messages, and emailed twice starting Tues. No response from seller to 2 calls and 2 emails. Seller responded only after I opened an eBay case. Wished I had ordered the part locally.

Note: all other parts ordered (after this part) arrived on time and were installed. Part was shipped 3 days late and arrived 3 days late. No communication from seller for 1st 3 days… I do not recommend this seller! Seller Ratings Are Not Accurate ======================== Accurate, tack full feedback was left regarding the performance and communication of a seller.

It is was removed by Ebay. Ebay is protecting bad sellers. According to one Ebay rep “it was removed under Ebay’s seller protection program”. Upon research, this seller has a long list of complaints on popular blogs for Web-based sales.

It appears that “Ebay’s seller protection program” is now protecting some bad sellers. Partial list of recent complaints: - WORST SERVICE! Send incompatible part-We paid to ship back-Wouldn't Refund $ Apr-15-14 10:32 - all the plastic noses was brocken.Apr-14-14 20:11 - Bunch of clowns wrong parts customer service sucks Apr-10-14 17:31 - 1st Got Half My Parts Then They Were All Wrong Parts Dont Buy From Waste Of Time- Apr-09-14 19:18 -This item does not fit that car. Other company’s item is different than this one.

Apr-01-14 11:42 -Did not fit my 2013 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler.Mar-27-14 21:04 -The item does not hold vacuum pressure. It leaks Mar-19-14 13:27 -They sent me wrong parts, can't use because all parts are different. Rippoffs- Mar-13-14 15:02 -Seller sells junk quality products for the particular window regulator- Mar-07-14 14:41 -Part was never available and order was cancelled by vendor. False advertising.

Feb-27-14 19:27 Ebay Does Not Offer Customer Service As Advertised ============================================ Called customer service, routed to other countries. Customer service is useless; Customers are given scripted 'run-arounds' including being put on hold for up to 30min. One rep said supervisor would call back. But, they never called back.

With a limited understanding of written English, one rep clearly could not even understand the logged issue(s). I called Ebay customer support many times trying to resolve issues.

All Ebay customer support is designed to do is put off complaints until customers give up and go away.

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