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I have a top rated seller account, power-seller, 100% feedback, and an item I bought a while back that I didn't want anymore was listed for sale. I get a message from EBAY saying that a company reported the item as counterfeit. Without any knowledge of this , or a chance to defend myself, my account is suspended for one year. EBAY punishes sellers automatically. I contacted the company who... Read more

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I tried to bid on an item that specified that only Paypal was accepted for payment. ebay blocked me from bidding, saying I was not qualified to bid. I have a Paypal account and have made hundreds of ebay purchases using it. Because I choose not to link by Paypal account to ebay, they now refuse to allow me to bid on items that require Paypal. If I were to link Paypal and I were to have my phone... Read more

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Beware of a company called Apparel Save. Terrible shoes and awful customer service. You will never receive your refund. Praying they go out of business. Add comment

I has been a member of eBay since Sep 3, 2002. During this time frame I had bought and sold many items. My feedback was 100% positive. I closed my account Dec 30, 2015 over shipping charges of $10.80. Ebay sided with the seller even though they removed all his/her items from eBay's site to include the item I purchased. The seller did not deliver the package on time as I had requested (I was of... Read more

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Bought a ring from England. Diamond and ruby gold ring. Got the ring it broke in 2 days and turned my finger green. Seller said I was lying about the broken item. Said he would refund my money and the return postage. I followed every instruction for the return. The boy who worked at the post office forgot to mark the package a certain way. It cost me 68$ to return the faulty ring. Now seller... Read more

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To whom it may concern!!! ATTENTION!!! FRAUD SCAM from rl_store AGAINST EbAY and consumer!!! On Monday January 10th I inquired (SEE EMAIL BELOW) about Item Id: 400957010735 on eBay to a company called RL_Store. From a very simple price discount inquiry rl_store turned my inquiry into a scam to defraud eBay!!! Someone was very quick to reply (SEE EMAIL BELOW) persuading me to do business away... Read more

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Tired of running into US companes that off load their customer service to foriegn countries. Trying to get resolution on a property I purchased for 6k and found out 9 mths later that the seller owed back taxes on it. Told Ebay CS that if they look at the ad andmy emails that it showed all taxes free and clear. Then get stuck with a CS agent from the *** Phillipines who are only to read responses... Read more

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Stay away from this Ebay Seller! a-a6454 Aaron Afonso 19H Hideaway Rd. Buzzards Bay, MA 03526 He is a lier and does not stand by any product he sales. This person best sales pitch is to insult you the buyer when you contact him. Save your time and money. Do not make *** artists like Aaron Alonso money. Find a seller on Ebay that has a good reputation. There are many that do. Just not... Read more

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Had a delivery problem. A faulty or dishonest final sector courier driver. Ebay resolution center made a decision not to refund when the seller was still waiting for a response from the courier. Ebay advised making feedback when they knew it could only be negative (as item not delivered). Ebay then cancelled the feedback. Ebay refuse to consider appeal. Ebay refuse repeated requests for an... Read more

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SELLER BEWARE! If you sell on eBay and there is a problem with the buyer, ebay will side with the buyer and you will lose no matter the situation. If you call customer service for help, you will be given completely different information every time you call an eBay customer service rep. Either the reps are not being trained very well, or eBay is very good at playing games. Search for other options... Read more

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