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Ebay really doesn't care about you the seller, they only care about maximizing profits and their shareholders who are pulling the strings behind the curtain. ... Read more

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You will never get ahead you do own a business as they say ( you may but not on eBay) they only use sellers and steal from them. They give u the illusion you own a business a " brand" you work for them. They are falling as I can see, sellers are going on other platforms or opening own site. Face book is way better no fees (not yet) they have more traffic. All I have to say is take a good look at the people behind eBay who refers to us as the... Read more

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I bought a book from ebay,kite runner. The book came quickly but the book turns out bot very good.The cover is crinkled and a little dirty. The letters are a little blurry. What's worse, it smells so bad. It seems that the item has been stocked in the warehouse for long and maybe the warehouse is too wet. I contact the customer service and they responded me very quickly.I want to change for a new one, but they told me that it may be a little... Read more

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I bought a cross body bag from Steve Madden (Dakota) in January, 2016. I bought it for a reunion trip with my sisters that was going to happen in May. I know it was a while before I used the purse, but I was looking for an olive green bag, so when I found one, I ordered it. I found out the first time I used this bag, the leather started wearing off. I wasn't the one who noticed it first, it was one of my sisters. I took it off and looked at it... Read more

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I sold a bench grinder with a cracked grinding stone which I described in my listing & said must be replaced. The buyer paid $16.99 for the machine. I get an email saying the grinding stone that I said was cracked was now broken. Customer opened a case and ebay without consulting me or asking my side of the story, sided with the buyer. The buyer said the unit was not damaged during shipping -which I believe, since I used so much bubble wrap to... Read more

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Ebay Member id o-t-i... Buyer Beware!
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I bought this ring to give to my wife on Mothers Day 2016. A week after I gave it to her she showed me the spots under the stone. I reported it to the buyer and he said that the damage is due to my wife washing dishes with Dawn. I say that if Dawn destroyed this ring it was defective from the start! The defective area is just under the stone. When you examine the pictures, the dark areas appear to be unfinished metal. That does not look like... Read more

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This has been my recent experience as a seller with EBay: I had several winning bids on smart TV's, none of which paid. These are large TV's with significant shipping costs. I raised the price to include the USA shipping costs and PayPal collected from one buyer. That buyer rejected the TV as "dusty and scratched" (it wasn't when I shipped it) and refused to settle. On a refund request, EBay froze my funds and I could not issue a return... Read more

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Ebay does not care about small private sellers anymore. I had a buyer claim an item was "not as described." although I knew the item was great, I had to allow a return due to the ebay policy. They buyer used the shipping label to return a box of trash that weighed the same as my item. Although I informed ebay, and sent pictures, they sided with the buyer because the system showed he returned it. I appealed and they gave me a "courtesy credit" of... Read more

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Ebay took seller's side after I received a wrong item and the seller stopped talking to me. People who picked up the phone (supposedly supervisors) didn't speak english and were from overseas. Other supervisor talked as a robot, didn't care what I was saying, only concerned about the script he was reading. Very frustrating experience. Ebay took seller's side after I received a wrong item and the seller stopped talking to me. People who picked... Read more

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eBay has so many scamming sites it's unreal. They don't tell you about them. They don't shut them down. They let them scam you and then say it isn't their fault when it is. Just recently I got scammed out of $3,000 dollars because of one of these sites and eBay did nothing to help at all. They gave me the run around and said that it wasn't their fault when it is. I want my money back.

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